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NASA has appointed official date of start of a shuttle " Diskaveri " for May, 31st

Washington, on May, 20th - News, Alexey Berezin.

" Start is planned on 17. 02 on time of east coast USA on May, 31st (01. On June, 02 1nd Moscow time) " - the person on duty has told. As he said, the management has not seen any reasons for start carrying over.

" Diskaveri " should deliver to the International space station the Japanese experimental tight module and the new mechanical manipulator.

Flight " Diskaveri " becomes 123 - m shuttle flight, 26 - m within the limits of building MKS and 35 - m 4 most " Diskaveri ".

It is the third flight of a shuttle in 2008 and the second of three planned on delivery and installation of the Japanese module " Kibo " (" Hope ") . " Kibo " becomes the greatest manned module of station W

Present flight " Diskaveri " becomes on - to the unique: for the first time all three manipulators will be involved, and the cargo, which shuttle delivers on MKS will be the heaviest for all history.

to Order a shuttle it is appointed 44 - summer Mark Kelly, it already has twice visited space. Kelly has invented an oxygen mask 4 military planes. It is married, at it two children grow.

Ken Hem became the Pilot on this flight of a shuttle is there will be its first flight in space. Hem has accumulated more than 3,7 thousand flight hours by 40 various planes. It, as well as the commander of a shuttle, is married and has two children.

Flight engineers of a steel of Karen Najberg, Ron Gerin, Mike Fossum, Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshidej.

Greg Shamitov who will replace with MKS Gareta Rizimana became the Seventh crewman.

During flight " Diskaveri " 2 MKS it is planned three extravehicular activity: for the fourth, sixth and ninth days of flight.