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Patrushev: terrorists in Beslan were on drugs

the Director of FSB of the Russian Federation Nikolay Patrushev has CFMed that terrorists in Beslan were on drugs also tranquilizers, in particular, amfetaminy.

" As a result of examination it is authentically established that insurgents were on drugs also tranquilizers " - the head of FSB has declared, acting in the State Duma.

according to Patrushev, amfetaminy reduce at the person fatigue and raise stability of an organism.

Patrushev has declared 2 that struggle against organizers terrakta in Beslan will be conducted uncompromisingly. " they do not have right to be called as people. It are bad people, and struggle against them should be conducted extremely rigidly and uncompromisingly " - the director of FSB has told.

earlier that all terrorists participating in capture of hostages in Beslan, were addicts, the assistant to the Public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Nikolay Shepel has informed.

" The full it is judicial - chemical examination of corpses of insurgents has shown that all of them accepted drugs, and inektsionno entered " heavy " - heroin and morfin " - Shepel has told.

According to Office of Public Prosecutor, at some terrorists concentration of drugs in an organism exceeded a deadly dose that SPK that they were addicts with " the experience " and during preparation of act of terrorism were on constant feed by narcotics.

" Besides, according to the experts, the RCVed analyses bear that at a part of gangsters drugs have ended, they were in a status abstinentsii (lomki) which is usually accompanied by aggression and inadequate behaviour " - he has noted.

according to Office of Public Prosecutor, this data allows on new to estimate a situation B4 a tragic outcome of events in Beslan on September, 3rd.