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Askar Akaev believes that giving to Russian of the status official will favorably affect position of the Russian-speaking population in Kirghizia

the Constitutional giving to Russian of the status official will favorably affect position of the Russian-speaking population in Kirghizia. Such opinion has voiced, answering a question " News " the president of Kirghizia Askar Akaev.

He has informed that in May, 2002 under the arrangement W the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in Kirghizia will pass Days of the Russian culture.

after disintegration of the USSR Kirghizia have left more than 400 tys Russian-speaking inhabitants, and now in their republic there was about 700 thousand

Akaev has noticed that the migration wave has been lowered after in 1993 heads of Russia and Kirghizia have undertaken a number of steps. In particular, has been opened kirgizsko - the Russian slavonic university which now is considered the best HIGH SCHOOL not only in Kirghizia, but also in the CIS.

According to Akaeva, now there are favorable conditions 4 returning of the Russian-speaking population to Kirghizia. According to the president, the constitutional giving of the official status to Russian has improved also an economic situation in republic. In 2000 on volume of foreign investments into Kirghizia on the first place there was Russia - their volume has made 20 million dollars. " we would like this tendency to save and in the future " - the president has underlined.

reduction of outflow of the Russian-speaking population from Kirghizia will be helped by creation and maintenance with their qualified workers with places.

as Akaev, " considers; now between our countries is not present either language, nor cultural problems, remain only economic ". According to the president, Russia and Kirghizia " does not satisfy level trading - economic relations ".

Falling in 2001 of goods turnover between two countries on 20 percents " Calls the Kirghiz management serious concern " Akaev has underlined.

As he said, to goods turnover stir the transport quotas established by the republics next to Kirghizia, and also high railroad rates. 4 the decision of this problem it is necessary to execute the arrangements reached within the limits of the Customs union on a transport MSG. However, the president has noted, till now not all countries ratified it and carry out.