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Pictures of the former prisoner frankistskih prisons have been found out 30 years later after his death and now are exposed in Valencia

At Valensijsky university the unusual exhibition of artist Jose Manauta who has died in 1971 and before to nobody known, including his family is opened.

as the correspondent " passes; News " pictures of Manauta have been found out 30 years later after death of the artist by his daughter Stelloj in a hiding place in a penthouse of their house. The artist has carefully hidden there 400 graphic WRK and water colours. The most part of its products shows a heavy life of prisoners frankistskih prisons, in one of which he has spent 11 years from - that wared on the party of the lawful government of Republic.

after an exit on freedom, according to his daughter, it has strongly changed, became closed, a lot of time spent in a penthouse, having locked. However the fear B4 prison at Manauta was so strong that it showed to nobody of the WRK as 4 years has not lived to death Ex.

All WRK have been accurately packed counting on that they will be preserved until then when people can C them.