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In LDN on the Valentine`s day annual masquerade " will take place; War and peace "

> By words the column, this year organizers have tried to reproduce as much as possible Lev Tolstoi described in the novel atmosphere " War and peace " Natasha Rostovoj`s first ball on which Andrey Bolkonsky has invited Natasha to the dance first in her life.

to it to no small degree will be sposobstovat an interior of a hall of ancient luxurious hotel " Dochester " in which will pass ball - maskrad. All its participants, predictably, will arrive in time suits when there are events and there live heroes of the novel of Tolstoy. 4 those who cannot find such dress, the exception is made - women can be on ball in long dresses, and men in suits " uajt - thaw ".

As the correspondent " could be convinced; News " participants of ball - and them 400 persons - on the eve of this action in a literal sense " are expected nearby; Have stirred up " the London services of hire of clothes and dresses of the beginning 18 - go centuries. According to the owner of one of the largest in LDN of this sort of institutions, located on Ridzhent strit, it has practically executed the annual plan of hire of available clothes thanks to ball " War and peace ".

ball Atmosphere will make in defined stepni even more approached to the period of the beginning 19 - go centuries participation in it representatives of such surnames known in the history of Russia of noble family as Obolenskys, Galitsyny, Naryshkiny, Trubetsky, the count considers.

" we want, that ANY1 who pobyvet on ball, involuntarily would remember time when for the first time invited or has been invited to the first dance " - Tolstoy has told.

on the eve of ball possibility to be prepared for its dancing part in one of choreographic halls of LDN has been given participants. Under the direction of professional dancers different enough in age, a nationality and citizenship the numerous group of participants of ball of Tolstoi is dashing danced a polonaise, a mazourka, the Pole and boston " on two stepa " and also tried to execute a waltz smoothly.

following traditions of Russian nobility, organizers of this annual action spend him for charitable purposes.

" before revolution in Moscow and St.-Petersburg aristocratic circles spent often balls gathering from which went on rendering assistance needing or the wounded man in hospitals during war " - the count has explained. Now, fortunately, the peace time, and all means which will manage to be collected from masquerade carrying out in LDN, will go on restoration of Russian orthodox church in the British capital, and also will be used by welfare fund " For the sake of life and activity " On support rendering to the endowed students and people needing treatment, he has told.

Nadezhda Babkina who together with the ensemble has been delivered to LDN the day before by Aeroflot plane - one of the main sponsors of ball " has agreed to take part in this charitable action; War and peace ".