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George Bush and Pervez Musharraf have agreed about cooperation expansion between the USA and Pakistan in military sphere and in the field of outer space exploration

During taken place on Wednesday in the White house of a MTG between US president George Bush and the president of Pakistan general Pervezom Musharrafom had been reached the arrangement on development American - the Pakistan interaction, including " expansion of military cooperation " and " space cooperation ".

As have informed " News " in a press - service of the White house, in the field of military cooperation of the USA and Pakistan have agreed about renewal of WRK of the Defensive consultative group of two countries 4 discussion of contacts between armed forces on a bilaterial basis. George Bush`s administration was obliged to allocate 2 in 2003 1 million dollars for financing of programs of training and preparation of the Pakistan military men in the USA. Thus Washington and Islamabad have agreed " To renew dialogue concerning nuclear security ".

In space sphere Bush and Musharraf have agreed " to expand cooperation in scientific and civil areas such as communications, and also studying of weather and migrations " have informed in a press - service.

during visit the arrangement that the White house and the congress of the USA will provide write-off of an external debt of Pakistan in 2003 " is reached 2; approximately on 1 mlrd dollars ".

Both parties at financing from the USA will carry out variety of programs in an education sphere and investments, and also will expand cooperation of law enforcement bodies in counterterrorist area and in struggle against drug-dealing 4 what to Washington in the near future will make visit the minister vnutrenih affairs of the government of Pakistan which will meet the Minister of Justice of the USA John Eshkroftom.

By data a press - services of the White house, in economic sphere of the USA will weaken existing tariffs 4 a number of the Pakistan goods that will allow Pakistan to put in addition on the American market of a product from textiles and ready-to-wear clothes for the sum of 142 million dollars.

in sphere of economic cooperation of the USA and Pakistan will translate the mutual relations on " institutizirovannuju a basis " having created for this purpose constant American - Pakistan " the Joint economic forum ". Besides the USA and Pakistan will begin realisation of some joint projects in the field of oil recovery and gas 4 what entering into structure of the American government the Corporation on insurance of private investments abroad will grant to the Pakistan party the loan at a rate of 150 million dollars.