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Philippines and the USA develop rules of joint antiterrorist operation in the south of Philippines

the Vice-president of Philippines Teofisto Gingona has informed on the statement of rules joint filippino - the American antiterrorist operation against insurgents of movement of Abu Sajaff which will begin in the near future in the south of the country.

as the correspondent " passes; News " in joint military operations will take part over 600 American military men, including 160 fighters of special troops. It will be authorised to them to be in a zone of fights and to observe of the operation which part is clearing of last three hostages remaining in a captivity at Abu Sajaff.

In sootvetsvii W new rules the American soldiers have no right to participate in operation in case of its expansion for island Basilan limits. For the period of 6 - monthly military operations groups of the USA are placed under the authority of the Philippine generals.

and more one innovation: To Americans the right silently is granted observe of a course of actions on island Basilan, they can give the offers and consultations only after returning in the city of Zamboanga.

Changes have been brought after performances of opponents of input of the American armies to Philippines, asserting that it is infringement of the constitution of the country.

conditions were heated after in the Philippine press there were pictures of the armed American soldiers who are walking about on streets Zamboanga that, on - visible, became an occasion to specification of rules of forthcoming operation.