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the Israeli armies have on Thursday night returned to small town Dejr area al - Balls in the central part of Gaza Strip

the Israeli armies under cover of the tanks, the finished actions on " to combing " area of camp of refugees around small town Dejr al - the Balls, Gaza Strip located in the central part, at night on Thursday again have returned there. ABT it to the correspondent " News " in Cairo sooobshchili the Palestinian sources.

at the same time the official representative of the Israeli army has declared that some units of armour were included into camp after in a direction of a complex of the Jewish settlements in Gush Katife the Palestinian insurgents had been made some shots of mortars.

he 2 has noticed that having spent in this area some time in search of terrorists, army divisions have returned on the positions.

Meanwhile, according to the Palestinian news agency VAFA, the Israeli army 2NITE on Wednesday left the Palestinian settlement Bejt - Hanun in the north of Gaza Strip.

30 Israeli tanks and an armored troop-carrier which have intruded on Wednesday morning in this settlement, have left the positions, earlier grasped houses are released, disassembled built the block - fasts.