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In Argentina the rate of unemployment has reached 22 percent

In Argentina a rate of unemployment has reached a point in 22 percent. As the correspondent " passes; News " according to official figures, from 37 - the million population of the country of 3,2 million persons have no WRK. Thus, every fourth Argentinean is the unemployed.

in October unemployment made 18,3 percents, however for posledie three MTH the tendency of daily reduction 7,5 tys workplaces was saved. As a result army of the unemployed have in this time filled up 668 more tys the person.

in " big Buenos - Ajrese " where enter capital W its suburbs and in which live 9,2 million inhabitants, the rate of unemployment reaches 23,7 percent. This indicator still above in so-called depressive provinces.

In enduring the sharpest socially - economic and financial crisis, devalvirovavshej national currency and the country which has declared a default the real indicator of unemployment, according to the experts, can be considerable above the official. From - for the strongest slump in production and closing of considerable number of the enterprises many Argentineans have ceased to be registered in agencies on employment, having stopped to spend efforts and means for job searches.