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Chrysler 300C and Chevrolet Tahoe. An anti-recessionary train

Chrysler 300C. The price: from 1   358   000 rbl. On sale: since 2008
Chevrolet Tahoe. The price: from 1   781   600 rbl. On sale: since 2008

What to do if money became less and to refuse a representation sedan and protection of forces is not present? In this case not to do without the anti-recessionary train, we and offer one of which variants to you. Look narrowly at Chrysler 300C and Chevrolet Tahoe

Test pilots

Maxim Egors, 24 years, the automobile journalist, the experience of driving of 6 years, the privately owned vehicle - Mitsubishi Lancer

Stanislav Pavlov, 37 years, the assistant to the editor-in-chief of magazine, the experience of driving of 20 years, the privately owned vehicle - Mazda6

time when the economy turned not only to a compulsory measure, but also in the original fashionable phenomenon Came. As they say, vozradujtes for can become even worse. Plus to all the excessive luxury at the time of economic recession fairly calls hatred of associates. What to do to workers who fairly earned the capitals and cannot refuse a habitual limousine with protection? How to live, if the habitual way of life flies is up the spout, breaking the outlooks on life which have developed by decades?

the classics of a genre looks so: in front in the left number on something big and black carry the chief, behind, hardly leaving on the right strip, not less black monster with strong guys inside rushes. Such picture can be observed daily on Leninsk or Kutuzovsky capital prospectuses. Simple calculation says to us that the complete set price makes a minimum of $200 thousand. About a maximum we will not speak, as to perfection, as it is known, the limit is not present.

Despite complexity of a problem, we found a mode to save half of cost of the complete set for the businessman. Thus about any second-hand speech cannot go — not our method. As the car for the chief it suggested to use solid Chrysler 300C, and gallant security guards we place in other « the American » — Chevrolet Tahoe.

Chrysler with the engine of 2,7 l costs $41?400, and Chevrolet equipped with the motor of 5,3 l, manages in $54?000. Can seem that at such cost the given cars lose to German competitors whom we got used to see in trains. But this opinion is in many respects erroneous, as transatlantic production quite corresponds to representation functions.

Chrysler sedan 300C is really the charismatic car arresting delighted looks of gapers and neighbours in a road stream. The interior differs open space. The passenger on a rear sofa especially comfortably feels, as it is required for the car of a similar class. And the car is good and during small trips on a city, and at movement on hundreds kilometres. As to used materials they differ high quality. A sound skin in a combination to plastic make pleasant impression.

Chrysler 300С is allocated with smoothness of a course, as at the big transatlantic yacht. It with ease « swallows » both small, and large nervousnesses. As to a steering it is necessary to recognise it easy enough, but possessing sufficient informativnostju. However these characteristics excite the driver, instead of the passenger more.

Chevrolet Tahoe not bad copes with a role of the car of protection. In a spacious interior guys with very serious arms without effort take place. If to go without guns and automatic machines places suffices not only to five passengers, but also rather capacious luggage. The compartment volume in a standard mode makes 1162 l. The powerful engine allows not to lag behind the head car. Under Chevrolet Tahoe cowl disappears 5,3?литровый the engine capacity of 325 l. With. The huge off-road car types 100 km/h of all for 9 with. Despite dimensions and weight, Tahoe perfectly answers the helm and that the most important, perfectly stops.

it is possible to draw an unequivocal conclusion that economy — it not always a compulsory measure which is reached at the expense of any maloopravdannyh victims. Always it is possible to find a worthy way out of a current situation. Such train, which cost does not exceed $100 thousand, meets the basic requirements to production of this kind. What for to overpay? vozradujtes for can become even worse …

Both cars perfectly feel at movement in steam. Tahoe hardly more powerfully and faster 300C, therefore does not lag behind.

Interiors of both cars are spacious, and at Tahoe also a huge luggage compartment.

the Main thing that there was a comfort in the car of the boss. And Chrysler 300С thanks to the American roots differs high degree of loyalty to passengers.

Each of cars possesses the base list of systems of safety.

the price
Such train gives the chance to save decently, without losing in the status.

Chrysler merits and demerits 300C

+ Spacious interior, the low price, brutal appearance.
- the slow automatic machine, too soft suspender.

Chrysler Technical characteristics 300C

Mark and model - Chrysler 300C
Dimensions - 5015x1880x1475 mm
the Engine - petrol, 2736 sm3, 177 l.s./5500 mines-1
Transmission - automatic, 4?ступенчатая
Dynamics - max 209 km/h; 11,6 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Mercedes-Benz E-class, BMW 5-series.

Chevrolet Tahoe Merits and demerits

+ Capacious interior and a luggage compartment, effective brakes.
- low informativnost a steering.

Chevrolet Tahoe technical characteristics

Mark and model - Chevrolet Tahoe
Dimensions - 5131х1953х2007 mm
the Engine - petrol, 5328 sm3, 325 l.s./5200 mines-1
Transmission - automatic, 5?ступенчатая
Dynamics - max 192 km/h; 9,0 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Nissan Armada, Infiniti QX.


It is favourite — it is not favourite

the Automatic transmission 300С obviously lags behind the engine, as a result of a delay on switchings. slowly

AKP Chevrolet Tahoe quickly switches drives and adapts for style of driving. it is bright

Despite the weight, Tahoe quickly stops, it is a braking system merit. quickly

Our opinion

Exists spo ­ sob decently to save on before ­ stavitelskom the car and the protection car, without losing thus the solid person. Tan ­ dem from Chrysler 300C and Chevrolet Tahoe is an excellent anti-recessionary variant which deserves steadfast attention of the mighty of this world. It is possible to receive a business sedan for 100 000 dollars for the boss and a huge off-road car for protection.