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Chrysler Sebring. A parcel from Michigan

Chrysler Sebring. The price: from ?25900. On sale: since April, 2007

Recently the updated models of Chrysler differ cardinal external changes. So happens and with Sebring 2007 modelling years which is completely not similar to the predecessor. But how much the internal maintenance changed?

the first visual contact piece to Chrysler Sebring occurred through a bus window on the way to a test drive venue. At once it became clear that we deal with absolutely new car.

the shape of the debutant, which release adjusted in the State of Michigan, calls contradictory feelings. The car is pleasant to Someone. Someone cannot hide disappointment. But tastes differ, therefore we pass to the facts. Sebring as the representative of a D-class has in an American way the impressive sizes. Precipitancy to a silhouette is given by straight lines and sharp sides. Got accustomed, it is possible to notice that in the form of a cowl there are similar lines with sports Chrysler Crossfire. And headlights something are similar. The falshradiatornaja lattice is executed in a corporate style and has the trapezoid form which is crowned with a winged emblem of the stamp of Chrysler. In huge arches of a wheel of 18th radius are simply lost. From the general angular design tail lights of the oval form are backed out only.

as confirms Trevor Krid, the first vice-president of the company on design, the car created expressional, refined, brawny and passionate. Probably, so it also is, but each of these lines is appreciable only in the certain, most successful foreshortenings

Interior well matched to appearance. Here all is penetrated by spirit of the big American cars. Plastic is pleasant to the touch, but in actual fact it appears too firm. But to clean off the stains left « fast food » it will be convenient. Inserts under a tree appeared superfluous. They do not bring elegance drops in the general interior, and workmanship afflicts.

the metre panel consists of three wells. A successful font and firm light green illumination sposobstvu.t good readership at any time. On the centre the display of the on-board computer which displays the information on fuel, run, and also on pressure in tyres is located.

the central tunnel is not overloaded by buttons. Steering is carried out at intuitively clear level and does not demand accustoming. In the bottom of the extension housing three round adjusters of steering arranged climate control. And here the top part can be issued differently. Installation of an audiosystem or the multipurpose liquid crystal display with an active matrix is provided. Such monitor allows to choose necessary options, touching directly the screen. The displayed picture can be both flat, and three-dimensional. It is especially convenient to use a mode 3D at work with navigation, but about occurrence of the Russified version while it is not known.

From interesting American « features » we note presence of the coaster, capable to warm up coffee or to cool water. The casual touch to the device can lead to a burn.

at the wheel you feel conveniently. However, the low arch of a roof conceals danger. At landing it is possible to hit a head. Seats please with the big range of options. The steering tube is regulated on a corner and an inclination. An armchair you will not name soft, but they very well fix a body. It is the important factor taking into account a slippery leather upholstery.

to rear passengers, as well as it is necessary in cars of a D-class, the place suffices for comfortable pastime in long road. For them the wide armrest is provided. In the near future there will be a monitor for viewing DVD which will be established between front seats.

Admires in the sizes a luggage compartment. But here it is necessary to recognise an aperture narrow. For dimensional things possibility of full or partial (60/40) of folding of rear seats is provided.

motor start-up is carried out without any modern systems, a usual key. Into interior get not only sounds of working units, but also noise of the air turbulences called by nonideal aerodynamics.

in Russia will sell cars with two gasoline engines in volume of 2,4 l (170 h.p.) and 2,7 l (188 h.p.) . Despite impressive displacement volumes, quick them you will not name. Partly in it the out-of-date four-stage automatic machine is guilty. It obviously is late with gear shifts. Even presence of a manual mode does not allow to correct a situation. If in usual « a drive » by sharp pressing a pedal of an accelerator of switching occur on 6200 mines-1, in manual - on 6300 mines-1. Differences any, therefore better easy to slide in an automatic mode, regulating dispersal by a gas pedal. With the motor dispersal to 100 km/h occupies of 2,4 l 11,3 with. Thus maksimalka makes 200 km/h. With such indicators Sebring approaches for travel on avtobanam more. It is insulting, after all the elastic suspender quite supposes active driving. Body lists do not arise almost. Overcoming of potholes is accompanied by an insignificant sound effect. However, excessive jolting does not annoy the driver and passengers.

alas, but except cardinal changes in appearance Sebring changed not strongly. As a matter of fact, it remained the former American ship which, first of all, is good in the sizes. In a competition to the European cars it is necessary to this Yankee is unsweetened.

changes in design

the Concept car of Chrysler Airflite shown in Geneva four years ago, became continuation of coupe Crossfire. It is designed on an experimental platform LX with a rear wheel drive. Its length makes 4840 mm, and a wheelbase - 2950 mm. It has no class association as combined in itself both a coupe, and a sedan. The main idea of its creation - to reflect a direction in development of expressional design of new cars of Chrysler. Popular in Europe Sebring filled up Chrysler lineup in 1995, and to restyling underwent in 2004, but changes were minimum. Sebring 2007 modelling years changed cardinally. Except impressive dimensions and spacious interior, from the previous generation remains nothing. Its appearance is created in new tendencies the part from which already found application in the changed cars of Chrysler Crossfire, 300.


the Wheel wadded, but for driving on avtobanam approaches. The suspender has to active driving, but motors are not capable of it.

the interior

Moderately spacious, does not differ quality of materials and assemblies. All at the average level.


to Find a convenient pose it is possible. Seats have good lateral support, but unduly firm.


the Abundance of airbags as much as possible lowers quantity of traumas at road accident incident.

the price

At the starting price in ?25900 Sebring is necessary hardly, considering absence of obvious trumps before competitors.

Advantages and lacks

+ the Balanced suspender, spacious interior, a capacious luggage compartment.

- Out-of-date motors and AKP, noisy interior, firm plastic.

our opinion

Chrysler Sebring Floor price makes 25900 euros, maximum - 29100. For such money competitors can offer some attractive products. It is possible to consider as a trump of the American debutant new, though also rather disputable, design. Other obvious pluses, in comparison with contenders, it is not visible. Motors and AKP morally became outdated, and four complete sets not bleshchut a variety.