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Citroen C4 Picasso. The namesake

Citroen C4 Picasso, the Price: ?19 000. On sale: May, 2007

With the advent of 5-seater C4 Picasso, Citroen became the first motor-car manufacturer who has offered to the European buyers at once three models a compact-venov, each of which has the original design.

from this year Pablo Picassos stroke decorates bokoviny three models of Citroen: « the old man » Xsara Picasso (this model remains on the conveyor till 2010), and also novelties - 4 Picasso and Grand 4 Picasso. Last two models differ not only length of a body and quantity of seats, as, for example, Renault Scenic and Grand Scenic, but also design. At the expense of abruptly falling glass of a door of a luggage compartment, the wavy chromeplated moulding which has been started up on the bottom edge of lateral glasses, to the tail lights extended in a horizontal, and also the a bit changed design of bumpers looks Citroen S4 Picasso more stylishly and dynamically, rather than its 7-seater « The namesake ».

Landing of the driver in 4 Picasso does not call censures: if necessary the steering wheel can be arranged both on height, and on a departure. Front seats have the unusual form: platens of lateral support come to an end, without reaching a humeral zone. According to designers, it is made that it was more convenient to passengers to turn back: so it will be easier to mums to watch children sitting behind. Well, and the driver can look that is created behind, at all without turning a head: on an additional rear-view mirror all rear sofa is visible clearly.

panels of devices the place on the centre torpedo is taken away. Here there is digital speedometer and a tachometre divided by the colour 7-inch screen of information system, on which « are fastened » the navigator, an audiosystem and the on-board computer. Climate control has two individual control boards for the driver and the passenger united with deflektorami of system of ventilation. The habitual glovebox does not differ spaciousness, however besides it on a front panel there are some more compartments for storage: pair perchatochnyh boxes on each side from the panel of devices and cooled boxing in the heel torpedo.

Each detail of interior 4 Picasso says that its founders did not save on materials. The front two-coloured panel is made of soft plastics of the different invoice. Internal handles of doors have a nonslipping covering from « prorezinennogo » a plasticity. It was pleasant alkantara by which seats are sheathed: this material much « more warmly » skin and thus perfectly are kept by a body of the passenger.

rear passengers take place on three identical armchairs. Thanks to possibility of resetting of an inclination of a back, mobile « to a sled » Seats and to a sufficient stock of space for feet behind it is possible to be arranged not worse, than in interior of a business class of a modern air bus. Convenient folding little tables are built in backs of front seats with illumination (for surcharge DVD-system Zhk-monitors here are established), and in feet of rear passengers there are small capacities for storage in which it is convenient to hide valuable things: not any pilferer guesses existence such tajnichka.

to put small load in luggage compartment 4 Picasso, it is unessential to hoist the rear door entirely: it is enough to cast away only glass. In the luggage compartment the attention was involved with the lamp of illumination which is in a special niche on left bokovine: as it appeared, it not simply lamp, and a portable small lamp on accumulators! On opposite bokovine a luggage compartment firm cart-transformer Modubox with the isothermal walls has been fixed, helping to save heat or a cold of transported products.

Us invited to test drive 4 Picasso to its world premiere on the Geneva showroom, therefore the choice of versions was insignificant, and the most important thing, among them was not any car with the gasoline engine! Though turbodiesel versions at us will not be on sale, there is nothing: I take car keys with 1,6-litre motor HDi 110.

Starting the motor, I mark absence characteristic « tractor » tarahtenija and turbodiesel vibrations: designers fine worked over acoustic comfort of a novelty. The Compact-ven is equipped by the electric drive of a parking brake activated by means of a small lever near the panel of hair partings. The bench hammer drive gear has a feature: it works with some lateness. First it irritates, however, getting used to such manner of work of a parking brake, further problems any more do not test.

the 1,6-litre turbodiesel has to slow driving: Its peak momentnoj characteristics is necessary on 1750 mines-1, but then a turbodiesel « turns sour ». The Underside of phlegmatic character of the motor - low fuel consumption: in a city it burns less than 8 litres of solar oil on one hundred, thus that the car more than one and a half tons weighs! However, to keep within 8 litres version with the robotised transmission which as it appeared, has rather specific kind of work is capable only: a feather - kljuchenie drives « upwards » occurs to the notable delay accompanied « klevkom » the car. « manual » the mode does not solve a problem: drives also are switched with delay.

the suspender pleased a compact-vena with energy content and quite good options: the car is easy and pleasant for steering. However the artificial effort to a wheel does not allow to the driver to receive accurate feedback with wheels. During test drive the ergonomic miscalculation of designers was found out also: Hand of the driver, being in a zone « 1-2 hours » blocks the speedometer display, and, to understand, with what speed you go, it is necessary either to clean a hand, or to tilt a head.

however, we are assured that, despite some defects, the car the light future waits. Demand on Grand C4 Picasso already surpassed expectations of experts in marketing of the company. Considering that stylish C4 Picasso approximately on $1000 will be cheaper than the 7-seater version, a lack of interested persons will not buy this model from Citroen.

yes there will be light!

Thanks to a huge windshield (2 2) Citroen C4 Picasso possesses the biggest in the class the glass cover area at the expense of what in the daytime it is provided fine insoljatsija all interior. With darkness approach action is entered by sources of artificial light. Besides habitual ceiling fixtures, the light tubes which have been built in the heel of a metre panel, a door and a ceiling can enter into equipment odnoobemnika. These tubes give the soft diffused light which brightness can be regulated. Automatically engaged lamps which highlight space near the front doors are built in exterior mirrors a compact-vena. In dirty Russian streets this option can appear very opportunely.

it is favourite - the LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT is not favourite

. Combining rear seats, the luggage compartment volume can be increased with 500 to 1734 litres.

SLIDING SHTORKA. Such « a veil » protects not only from the sun, but also from inquisitive glances.

it is practical

the STORAGE SMALL LAMP replaces a habitual plafond of illumination of a luggage compartment.

it is unusual


to the Steering does not suffice informativnosti. The robotised transmission irritates with the « thoughtfulness ».


High quality of finishing materials plus an abundance of sections for storage.


Excellent shumo - and an interior vibration insulation. The big area of a glass cover visually expands internal space of the car.


Protection of passengers is provided with 7 airbags entering in « the standard ».

the Price

the Compact-ven aloud is more expensive soplatformennogo than a hatchback.

Advantages and lacks

+ Stylish appearance, comfortable interior, an excellent noise isolation.

- the Thoughtful robotised transmission, an unsuccessful arrangement of the speedometer, insufficient informativnost a steering.