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Citroen C4. Blossoms and smells

Citroen C4. The price: from 475?000 rbl. On sale: since September, 2008

Beaten by inveterate floral artists and worn out on a rendezvous on « Odes ­ but ­ klassnikah » expression as well as possible reflects an essence of a novelty from « double shevrona ». To look narrowly and sniff to restyling to Citroen C4 it was possible in vre ­ mja test drive in vicinities of Paris

the Test pilot

Dmitry Tytjuchenko, 32 years, the automobile journalist, experience of driving of 14 years, Jeep Wrangler privately owned vehicle

Mse! Not manzh a pas sis zhur — in okoloparizhskom air the image of Pussycat Vorobjaninova was unexpectedly accurately drew, a body trying in language and gestures to present updated Citroen C4. Zago ­ vorshchitski smiling, the hungry old man drove ru ­ ka ­ mi in that place on a cowl where still recently was central vyshtampovka, ironed an emblem on « apdejtovoj » falshradiatornoj to a lattice a-lja C5 and aseksualno coiled leanness about a new front bumper with spitefully oskalennym an air intake. In ridiculous telodvizhenijah the giant of thought appeared almost inaudible smu ­ shchenie: the pier, of course, is a little changes in design of model. But the problem initially was another: the minimum means as much as possible to leave from prostovatosti family Citroen C4. That, sobst ­ venno, and priests ­ talis to execute by means of easy aesthetic strokes. Well as, productively? Without waiting the answer, « the boy-image » (« Who tells that it is the girl, let the first throws in me a stone! ») Disappeared.

the predecessor, like, too did not suffer from mediocrity … So result of design diligence, frankly speaking, in eyes especially did not climb. But thus in appearance of the car there was something attractively new. Comprehension of metamorphoses came later, when by prokatil; previous C4: thanks to insignificant, at first sight, to changes the model really became more elegant and emotional, remained thus same stylish. As the provided provincial, couple of years back arrived to a megacity to study as the PR-manager which already safely lost all backward habits, changed a dialect for arrogance and was going to restrict other secular lionesses on all fronts.

However, full-scale approach can choke for a short while: on novelty searches in interior a lot of time was required. Yes, quality of materials of furnish obviously raised: Impressive plastic instrument and door panels became more pleasant by sight and to the touch. But all the rest was former: and a convenient wheel with an original motionless nave, and comfortable seats with a decent set of resettings and low landing, and accurate small mirrors of a side view with the disgusting review, and even built in aromatizator air. However « loss » all the same was: the separate electronic tachometre from a steering tube logically got over on the central metre panel, ceasing to be threat of development of a squint at the driver.

on all leaves that the manufacturer does the big rate on the additional equipment. Here some options from the extensive list, preestablished in the test car which managed to be tried on itself. The Monitoring system behind involuntary traverse of a road marking quickly trains the careless driver to use « povorotnikami » — The armchair sharply and diskomfortno vibrates. Port USB allows to connect with ­ vmestimye devices — a small flash card with music or audiobooks skra ­ sit standing lasting many hours in plugs. Navigating system — clearly, adaptive biksenonovye headlights — pleasantly, ESP — without ­ dangerously.

but there are at model two on-nasto ­ jashchemu a serious trump — new 1,6?литровые the gasoline engines developed together with BMW. On a coupe more powerful is established 150?сильный the motor, « coupled » with 6?ступенчатой « mechanics ». To less outstanding on design hetch ­ beku 120 forces and 5?скоростная MKP got. With such modular combination this C4 remained to correct calling: for the simple family car it was not bad dispersed, however passings were given to it with great difficulty, rather than « compartment » to the brother, and it was necessary to boss lever KP more often. Dee ­ on ­ mi ­ ka it is primary more the sporty coupe much more brightly. The car is easier and naporistej « vystrelival » both with mes ­ that, and since high speed, without the slightest disposition to laziness reacting to accelerator pressing. Almost as precisely Citroen answered and on dru ­ gie drivers prizes ­ you. ­ on prja ­ mine and at sko ­ rostnyh evolutions moderately a sharp wheel (men ­ she 3 turns) with an accurate zero zone without problems kept the car on for ­ the given trajectory. Only in turning movements small updatings because of insufficient informativnosti a steering were required.

and here a lay of land it is possible about ­ to feel with the big share informativnosti. Citroen C4 suspender though underwent to small modernisation, saved former « concentration ». But for modern rate of life it, more likely, plus, allowing to behave in a constant tone.

the Car was pleasant both dynamics, and behaviour on to ­ ro ­ ge. In a city he feels quite at home.
Materials are good, ergonomic re ­ shenija at height, the equipment is worthy.
Small exterior mirrors seem simply superfluous.
the Standard set for this class: ABS, EBD, BA and 2 fron ­ talnyh an airbag in base.
the price
Kept on prezh ­ it level — honour and praise!

merits and demerits

+ Stylish design, comfortable interior, the worthy equipment, the comprehensible price, good roadability.
- the mediocre review at a coupe, a hardish suspender.

Technical characteristics

Mark and model - Citroen C4
Dimensions - 4288х1769х1458 mm
the Engine - petrol, 1598 sm3, 150 l.s./5800 mines-1
Transmission - mechanical, 6-step
Dynamics - max 212 km/h; 8,4 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Opel Astra, Peugeot 308

Our opinion

Ranks « the stamp best seller » in Russia of Citroen C4 received quite deservedly: on its share it is necessary over 50 % from total number of sales. The updated version became more character ­ ache outwardly, found interesting, in the first oche ­ red an origin, engines, and its price osta ­ las the former. So preconditions to expansion of a circle of admirers of model became a minimum on three more.