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—itroen —5. A hit behind a hit

Citroen C5. The price: from € 21 500.; On sale: since May, 2008

With the advent of the second generation of Citroen C5 in the European charts of models of a business class serious rotation in which course former leaders can give way to the French novelty

From Citroen is expected there is something improbable. If earlier the design was the main fad of cars of this stamp, and they only tried not to concede in the rest to the best German and Japanese schoolmates, now former « to authorities » already just right to get hand in at Frenchmen. The first « a call » on the occurred change, compact-ven C4 Picasso which has offered to buyers not only attractive appearance, but also the highest level of comfort and quality of furnish, worthy premium-class models became informed. And the market it is live reacted to it: —4 Picasso became a hit of sales of Citroen, allowing the company to occupy 20 % of the European market odnoobemnikov. Now the similar situation can develop and in a segment of cars of a business class where Citroen deduces new C5.

the Novelty is constructed on the same platform, as a leader of a lineup of the French company of Citroen S6. But relationship of these models not only in the general modular base which also was used in Citroen C5 of the previous generation and in other model of concern PSA — Peugeot 407, and is stretched much further. Also put here at all in similar proportions of a body with a long cowl and a short boot lid or an original find of designers of Citroen — a concave rear screen. The main thing that unites two these models, — extraordinary comfortable interior. Founders of a novelty did not stint and reserved the best finishing materials: soft plastics, the corrugated metal, expensive textiles, a high-quality leather nappa. . And a skin here can be sheathed not only doors and seats, but also a front panel — who else from schoolmates can offer the such!

besides the first class furnish, Citroen C5 possesses an excellent noise isolation. To depress noise level in interior, designers improved aerodynamics of a body (—ű=0,29), reduced spacings of body panels, added door sealants, put sound-proof floor-mats in all problem places, established two-layer lateral glasses, and drawing of a polymeric noise isolation entrusted robots: they do it more precisely, than people. Besides, in common with experts Michelin for a novelty the most silent and comfortable tyres have been picked up. And in spite of the fact that at dispersal in interior the motor sound is audible, on a line there are aerodynamic noise from exterior mirrors, and on not the most qualitative asphalt begin « to sing » tyres, the general sound picture remains very comfortable: Even on high speed passengers can communicate in a low voice.
In comparison with competitors, the luggage compartment of sedan —5 is insignificant — 439 l, therefore for whom this parametre has not minor value, the choice on the versatile person is better to stop. It looks not less interesting, than a sedan, surpassing it as regards cargo possibilities. Here the baggage compartment volume makes 505 l (1462 l at the combined rear seats), thus in a load box are provided rejlingi, hooks for load fastening, and also the portable small lamp which is carrying out function of a lamp of illumination. By the way, the fifth door of the versatile person can be equipped with the electric drive, allowing to open and close; a luggage compartment simple pressing of the button.

thanks to the big wheelbase (2815 mm — The best indicator in a class) for four person of average komplektsii in Citroen C5 interior simply expanse but if people growth above an average places for feet of rear passengers remains « in front take seat; only just ». Probably, the situation would be better, if not massive backs of front seats, « eating » pair-three centimetres of free space. In need of C5 it is possible to go with comfort and five together — in shoulders « to press » will not be. However, in the latter case to sit down in interior it is better without drinks: rear coasters are in a folding armrest, and the alternative to them is not present. To front passengers in this plan the little it is better: a coaster here all one (!) And that is hidden in boxing under an armrest — to use it on the move it is the extremely inconvenient.

one more claim as regards ergonomics concerns a wheel nave, to be exact, to the buttons located on it which should simplify steering of musical system, the navigator, phone and cruise-control. Should, but do not simplify! It is too much buttons — from each party on eight, not including steams of castors for « scrollings » the menu and the keys of a sound signal located here. Probably, to their arrangement in due course it is possible to get used and carry out the necessary operations « blindly » but to us for those some hours that has been taken away on test drive to make it it was not possible.

But it was possible to check up in business the most powerful versions of a novelty. A car ­ the mobile inherited a ruler of engines of the predecessor, including petrol units in volume 1.8, 2.0 and 3.0 (127, 143 and 215 h.p.) And also turbodiesels HDi — 2.0, 2.2 and 2.7; (138, 173 and 208 h.p.) . And, unlike model of the previous generation, new C5 it will be delivered to Russia not only with petrol, but also with diesel motors! Topovye versions of Citroen C5 are equipped V-shaped « shesterkami » going together with the 6-step automatic machine and a hydropneumatic suspender while mechanical transmission and a usual spring suspender also are accessible to versions with 4-cylinder motors.

comparison more powerful petrol 3.0 V6 and less powerful, but more « momentnogo » a turbodiesel 2.7 V6 HDi (developed by Frenchmen together with Ford company) left in favour of the motor working on heavy fuel. The turbodiesel earned the main points for profitability though it also surpasses in dynamics though and it is insignificant, petrol « the opponent ». Comparison of the price of these versions would allow to take out a definitive verdict but while it is impossible to make it: The prices will be known only in May when start the Russian sales of a sedan of Citroen C5. And it is necessary to wait a station wagon till the summer.

from kontseptov in a series

that the novelty becomes present « a bomb » it was clear in September of last year when Frenchmen brought on autoshow in Frankfurt a prototype of the future sedan — a conceptual cabriolet of Citroen C-Airscape. This car impressed both the expressive design, and impressive dimensions: the French novelty possessed the biggest in a segment in length of a body and a wheelbase. And on quality of study of details kontsepta it was clear that this model rises on the conveyor without essential alterations. So, actually, also occurred: the serial Citroen C5 presented of some months after on the Bruxelles showroom, differed from kontsepta unless roof presence yes « normal » Fastening of the rear doors (at kontsepta they were on a rear quarter pillar).

is pleasant to steer the Car, however general impression spoils « artificial » effort to a wheel.

Quality of furnish does not concede interior to premium-class cars, but thus there are miscalculations in ergonomics.
At a novelty very silent interior and a rich basic set where enter « a climate » an audiosystem and an electropackage.
systems ABS are engaged In regular equipment and ESP, and also seven (from nine possible) airbags.
the price
New C5 becomes more expensive than the predecessor, come nearer at the price to VW Passat.

Merits and demerits

+ Stylish appearance, the noise low level, rich equipment, choice possibility.
- some miscalculations in ergonomics, low sensitivity of the steering, the increased price.

technical characteristics

Mark and model; - C