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Citroen C-Crosser. The among the

Citroen C-Crosser. The price: 34 250 euros. On sale: February, 2008

C-Crosser appeared as a result of an alliance of companies PSA of Peugeot of Citroen and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. On « a fatherly line » it borrowed « skeleton » - an all-wheel drive platform of Mitsubishi Outlander, and at giving of family traits and education worked in native fatherland: engineers and designers of Citroen managed to combine quite good physical standards with the French charm. And if in a line cross-section « a primogenitor » are clearly guessed, the fullface the car is original. Headlights became logical end of a line firm « shevronov » not without grace the radiator enclosure is executed also, and looking out of under a bumper the uvula of protection of the engine and 18 inch wheels hint that the refined suit mese at all does not become a hindrance on impassability. However, at me did not arise the slightest desire to tyre out C-Crosser in a bog or to storm on it a sandy open-cast mine. And at potential buyers of Citroen C-Crosser for certain other priorities.

well matched to an exterior an interior: it and stylish, and at the same time modest. In the sense that in it few exclusively decorative elements, all is rather functional: comfortable seats of a front number with good lateral support and convenient electric resetting, an informative metre panel, weight of niches and jashchichkov for trifles. The big screen of system of navigation is convenient also. Two thirds of hard disk of system in capacity of 30 Gb are occupied by charts of Europe, and on the memory rest it is possible to write down more than two thousand pieces of music in format МР3/WMA. The navigating system is added by the function of a videocamera of a rear kind automatically engaged at movement by a backing.

It is necessary to notice that organizers of the test, Citroen company Automobiles, went on small cunning: tests of cars have been organised in spurs of Pirenejsky mountains. Here again, on narrow mountain streamers, C-Crosser not only it was rather organically entered in a magnificent landscape (mersi to designers), but also showed the best road performance (a curtsey to engineers). The car is completed 2,2?литровым by the diesel engine supplied with the turbine with changeable geometry, the capacity of 160 h.p. developed at 4000 мин1. It is made in France, at company factory in Trimmere. The motor is developed on base 173?сильного a diesel engine established on model C5 and C6, and has very high twisting moment - 380 Nanometers at 2000 mines-1. At unit designing were considered both comfort, and ecological indicators. For reduction of environmental contamination the motor is supplied sazhevym by the filter, allowed to lower maintenance CO2 in an exhaust to 194/km Tjagovityj diesel engine together with 6?скоростной a mechanical gear box on mountain road proved to be from the best party. With the problem also brakes perfectly consulted: front ventilated disks have diameter of 294 mm, rear - 302 mm.

front suspension C-Crosser - pseudo McPherson, and behind - « a multilever ». Thanks to work on options of elements of a suspender and a steering, in particular the hydraulic booster, in driving on a streamer you take pleasure: an excellent road-holding ability, accurate reaction of the car to work as a wheel, the minimum lists in turning movements. The help to the driver is rendered also by an intellectual control system of a drive gear which, taking into account road conditions, speed of movement and a wheel slip, through a differential lock clutch with electronic control regulates drive of a part of a twisting moment on rear wheels.

Certainly to consider C-Crosser as 100 percentage off-road car it is not necessary, but here there is an electronic system of connection of the all wheel drive, capable to help at difficult road conditions. At movement on good road the mode 2WD, a carrying out drive gear on front wheels is used. In a mode 4WD the twisting moment is distributed between front and rear wheels, and the electronic system, depending on road conditions, doses out percent of the twisting moment transferred to a rear axle. In especially close conditions it is possible to use mode Lock. In this case the twisting moment passed to rear wheels, increases in one and a half time in comparison with a mode 4WD.

One more position doing C-Crosser attractive to fans of travel, - possibility of transformation of interior. In case of need the second row of seats can be combined behind backs of lobbies that essentially increases baggage compartment volume. To combine seats it is possible as manually, and by means of the electric drive engaged by buttons in a luggage compartment, - a feature rather effective. If you are confused not with quantity of luggage, and number of passengers it is possible to use « hidden » under a trunk floor the third row of armchairs - thanking two more seats in interior seven persons can take place. As to baggage compartment volume it is impressive: at 5 local configurations of interior makes 510 litres. If to combine and the second row the luggage compartment volume increases to 1691 litres.

passions on C-Crosser

Hardly my acquaintances saw the first photos of Citroen C-Crosser as between them dispute inflamed: whether it is necessary to get a product « clonings ». If is « original » Mitsubishi Outlander. Similar dispute seems to me unpromising - the car, as well as odezhku, everyone selects for itself(himself), and defects in « Tailoring » C-Crosser I do not find. The general platform? What minuses in it as the car on native « prepares; a building berth » in Japan. How much this off-road car is suitable for the present impassability? Here I again will refer to presence of the general platform - no more, than the same Outlander. External similarity? How to tell... The French designers worked at giving C-Crosser individuality, and as it seems to me, in it succeeded. So we speak about present the stylish car with good technical characteristics. Thus, potential buyers will make the choice proceeding from a number of components, not so significant, as base model. And the price will be one of them, certainly. In France the most simple complete set Pack costs 34 250 euros. For this version a number of options as, for example, the chamber of movement by a backing, the colour screen of system of navigation, 18 inch disks, are additional.

On the given point - the five. The car is perfectly steered, the suspender has good balance on comfort and « sportivnosti ».

Convenient armchairs, good ergonomics, a capacious baggage compartment. It is good both for a city and for travel.

the noise isolation of the motor compartment Is strengthened, two centering shaft allowed to depress vibration.

In base - 6 airbags. Beams in the doorway protect the driver and passengers at an angle collision.

the price
it is not clear Yet what it will be in Russia.

merits and demerits
+ Stylish, comfortable, for the class economic, it is well steered.
- does not possess qualities of the present off-road car. It is not known, whether will be for Russia « special » the price.

our opinion

the Car perfectly approaches and for comfortable city driving, and for long travel. And the all wheel drive for certain helps with difficult road conditions. In rossii novelty sales are planned since February of 2008, and it will be delivered with the petrol motor of 2,4 litres and automatic KP.