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Citroen DS3. To old men here not a place

Citroen DS3. The price: from 649 000 rbl. On sale: since May, 2010

Reviving abbreviation DS, Citroen decided not to indulge in nostalgia: followers of legendary Citroen DS19 will not have something in common with the predecessor

the Test pilot

Maxim Fedorov, 32 years, the automobile journalist, the experience of driving of 6 years, the privately owned vehicle - Ford Focus II

Unlike reinkarnirovannyh Mini or Fiat 500, in « a genetic code » Citroens DS of a new millenium at all are absent DNA of a primogenitor. If Frenchmen tried to make modern interpretation DS19, they should tyre out themselves in the rigid frameworks caused by a class and body type of the car.

but in Citroen think more widely. For them abbreviation DS — it is a new brand under which some models of different segments will be exhausted. After compact Citroen DS3 appear DS4 and DS5, concerning accordingly to With - and to a D-segment.

that there is DS3, if not a three-door version of Citroen S3? Yes, the chassis here just the same, and the interior is as like as two peas, but nevertheless these cars different. Even at a sight the fullface can be found a number of differences. So, in trehdverke Citroen emblem « it is washed away » in the form of a radiator enclosure fringing, and on that place where at C3 flaunts double shevron, here there is a new logo from intertwining letters D and S. Design bokoviny Citroen DS3 independent — with effective central « a fin » and the blacked out racks of a body creating effect « soaring » roofs (it, perhaps, a unique detail in which it is possible to trap similarity of a novelty to Citroen DS19).

But the most important and solving difference DS3 from С3 consists in other. For buyers of the three-door version the broadest possibilities on a configuration of shape of the car are given. Choosing various colour scores for a body, a roof and plastic mouldings in interior, experimenting design and the size of wheel disks, and also variants of an upholstery of seats and drawings of applications on a roof, it is possible to assemble the car to the taste. Present Lego for adults!

one more feature of a novelty — engines. For Citroen DS3 accesses petrol « beemveshnye » units in volume of 1,6 litres: atmospheric 120-strong and turbirovannyj, capacity of 150 l. With. On Citroen C3 such motors are not put, and it is a pity! prohvativ at the wheel the most quick, 150?сильной versions, I received weight of positive emotions, and not only from dynamics, but also from accurate work 6?ступенчатой « mechanics ». At acquaintance with new C3 unimportant selectivity transmission became for me the basic minus as a whole very fine and obedient car in steering. Here this lack has been levelled, paternal driving process became rather fascinating employment.

that you want, choose

the Buyer of Citroen DS3 can choose one of four colours of a roof and application for it, to pick up original colouring for light-alloy disks, and also cases of mirrors and a fringing of doors. Besides, it is offered eight types of a decor of the front panel, seven variations of furnish of the shift lever, three colours of leather furnish... Not to get confused in this variety, it is possible to use already ready decision: designers of Citroen thought up seven safe subject combinations of furnish. About ekskljuzivnosti in this case speeches do not go, but to receive such car it will be possible much faster.

the Suspender shakes, but rulitsja the car perfectly.

Same stylish and qualitative, as at C3, but with the claim for individuality. It is possible to choose even drawing on salonnyh rugs.

On the second number to passengers marvellously it is not close, and in front — in general expanse.

the System of compulsory speed limitation does not allow to get on a radar.

the price
Nedeshevo but if to compare with Mini or Alfa Romeo MiTo it is not too expensive.

Dostointsva and lacks

+ Design « a unisex » set of variants of the furnish, a rich basic set, capacious interior, excellent roadability, powerful engines.
- the High initial price, a rigid suspension.


technical characteristics

Mark and model - Citroen DS3 1.6 THP
Dimensions - 3950x1715x1460 mm
the Engine - petrol, 4 cylinders, 1598 sm3, 150 h.p./6000 mines-1
Transmission - mechanical, 6?ступенчатая
Dynamics - 214 km/h; 8,1 with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Audi A1, Mini, Alfa Romeo MiTo.

Our opinion

In Citroen company decided to take away bread from the tuning offices which were engaged in satisfaction of requirements of automobile owners in an individualization of shape of the car. Now tuning is put on a stream: for buyers of Citroen DS3 the car « pump over » directly at factory in French Puassi.