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Citroen DS4. A fashionable sentence

Citroen DS4. On sale: since 2011

On a showroom in Paris of Citroen presented new model for judges of fashionable trends, style and an exclusive — DS4. All expected to see trehdverku, but it appeared that doors at a novelty five!

This model is constructed on the chassis of new Citroen C4, however external similarity DS4 and C4 is minimum: except a cowl, headlights and a radiator enclosure, they have no any general detail of an exterior! Cars differ also time ­ me ­ rami: « Dee-Es » on 6 sm is shorter, but thus on 2 sm is wider and on 4 sm above. In an interior of distinctions it is less, and most appreciable of them — a hand-rail, races ­ put on the central extension housing from outside a pass ­ sazhira. Besides, DS4 differs rich furnish: for this model well five (!) Variants of a leather upholstery, including two-colour combinations, — not each model of a premium-class can brag of such width of a choice. The ruler of engines of a novelty includes five power units: two diesel, capacity of 110 and 160 l. With., and also three petrol, developing 120, 156 and 200 l. With. And last, 200-strong turbomotor, becomes « an exclusive » DS4: on its Citroen C4 will not put.




Chevrolet Cruze Sedan in and hetchbek Opels Astra well got on with each other, without creating a competition in concern GM. However peace existence of these models stops next year when on the market leaves 5-dvernyj « Cruise ». Who wins this opposition — the big question. The exterior of a novelty of Chevrolet turned out not less effective, than at « Asters » Thus on a practicality « the American » surpassed « the German » possessing more capacious 400-litre luggage compartment.