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Citroen C5. A horse - on 5

Citroen played interesting party the key role in which is taken away to a knights move on 5. How much advantageous there will be a position — shows time for the opponent for certain does not force to wait for itself with the answer.

It seems that at this French company — creative lifting. Its game in the European market is now comparable unless with the international chess tournament the prize in which promises the big dividends.

the train of preparatory courses on 3 and 6 only strengthened conviction in correctness of the chosen strategy. Did not remain forgotten and house preparations of the sample of 1928 with courses on 4 and 6.

However, stop. All it, certainly, allegory. Nevertheless with arrival of model of Citroen S5 on which working out left three years and it is spent over billion euro, the changes, capable to affect the further destiny of the company are expected.

First, the letter « becomes the main letter in indexation of models now; With »; time « H » most likely, on an outcome. To the consumer such form of giving, certainly, is convenient: simple addition of figure immediately shows, what place in Citroen ruler occupies the specified car. However, it does not mean that the company at all refused proper names.

Secondly, Citroen C5 replaces at once two out-of-date models, HM and Xsantia. Thus, remaining in a D-segment, the novelty will apply for image of the car of a business class that finds corresponding reflexion both in interior arrangement, and in a model hardware. On the sizes 5 it is rather close to analogues of type of Saab 9-3 and Mazda 626.

Tone in design to Citroen models will set kontsepty 3, 6, Pluriel and, certainly, reached conveyor Xsara Picasso: Chubby forms, lekalnye curves, volume light engineering, spacious, light interior. We not undertake to judge, how much reference points are advantageous. Already obviously: put nearby restyling Xsara and 5, in perception a little that changes. A corporate style, of course, — well, but also individuality of the car not bad to save.

which in what, naturally, Citroen C5 will have serious differences from predecessors. Both in an exterior, and in an interior. Causes a difference increase in height and base of the car. Though, we notice, such « the architectural decision » — completely not unique in achievement of a design problem, it is enough to remember Ford Focus.

At the expense of the increased dimensions interior configuration in something will be approached to minivenovskoj — to its inhabitants will be more spacious, including in the field of feet for sitting behind, at the expense of level floor application. By the way, it was reflected and in useful volume of a baggage compartment of a hatchback (456 litres making now) and on access to a load box through a rear elevating door.

and at last technological innovations. Besides a special design of absolutely new platform created within the limits of PSA Group and hitherto anywhere not used, in 5 found a place multiplex conducting, active gidropnevmopodveska Hydractive III, new engines and many other things.

it is necessary to dwell upon features of a suspender. Having two modes, comfortable and sports, Hydractive III can adapt the car for various traffic conditions. So, on high speeds it is capable to take the form of a chock. In front the ground clearance decreases for 15 mm, behind — on 11 mm. Thus not only the car centre of gravity is depressed, but also wheels are in addition loaded by negative upward force. At movement on bad roads the car can be in addition « It is hung out » on 13 millimetres, than the risk of its damage about roughness of a road cloth considerably decreases.

concerning complexity and dearness of service of a revolutionary innovation the firm neutralises some concern of buyers granting of a five years guarantee for work of a suspender or the guaranteed run in 200 thousand in km.

the declared engines while two. Both new. Petrol three-litre V6 develops 210 horsepowers; diesel 2.2HDi with direct injection and common rail in the feed system — 136 Both h.p. can be aggregated with mechanical or automatic gear boxes. Before the termination of release of some versions Xantia on 5, probably, will establish also two-litre motors 2.0i 16v and 2.0HDi.

Citroen C5 has two levels of a complete set, SX and Exclusive, with wide enough set of the standard and additional equipment. A lot of attention is given functionality of elements of an interior of what Paris took care in the Center of style of Citroen in Velizy near. By the way, it is the first work which has reached the conveyor in which the most active participation was accepted by our compatriot Vladimir Pirozhkov. However, now he already had time to get new « a shelter » in the form of the European design centre of Toyota.

now at full speed there is a manufacture preparation at factory in Rennes-laJanais where daily it is supposed to assemble to 920 cars. Third will settle them in the French market. The beginning of sales of Citroen C5 in the Western Europe is planned for March of next year.