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Citroen S5. Rich taste

Citroen S5 is already familiar to our readers under the test of its two-litre version. This time we represent a luxury complete set of this car — 3.0i V6 Exclusive.

Appearance of the car corresponds to a world fashion, however 5 is easily recognised. Before us doubtless « the Frenchman » though this not exhaustive definition. It is felt, there is something else in it « genes ». Landing cleared up interior: America. Aroma weak, but easily perceived. As at good wine: taste mixes up with a smell, giving rise to wide scale of sensations. It seems, seized, but … the easy breeze transforms a rosemary touch in « the note » bird cherries, and these changes occur continuously. And « taste » 5 changed constantly, throughout all test.

interior light and spacious. Furnish reminds once again of solidity of the car. We not begin to list every possible electroconveniences again. There is no only a TV. All the rest what the automobile comfort and safety reached, is available.

it was pleasant to find out nonconventional lotochek for a trifle under a drivers seat. The perchatochnyj box is capable to carry out functions of the refrigerator for drinks. Separately we note the fine audiosystem armed « large-caliber » dinamikami JBL, creating a powerful and transparent sound picture. Steering « music » produblirovano on underwheel the switch.

the seats deprived to lateral support are sheathed by a skin and supplied by a totality of electroresettings which together with a steering tube adjusted in two directions allow to accept the most convenient pose. Here only the range of conveyance of armchairs was to be increased a little. Between seats — an armrest with a changeable installation angle. The rear sofa is spacious, but if the driver — The tall person, full freedom to passengers to feel here it will not be possible.

the Impressive sizes the baggage compartment is equipped by a grid for fastening of small load and a great lot ljamochek – eyelets. For transportation dlinnomerov it is provided ljuchok in a back of a rear seat. The review is good in all directions, but is just in case laid up and « parktronik ».

we Start the engine. By means of the stylish hand lever it is translated AKP in a mode « a drive ». The car smoothly gets under way from a place. The engine works absolutely silently. We go respectably, slowly. Quickly we master buttons of steering of a radio tape recorder and the air conditioner. However we do not forget that under a car cowl — six cylinders and twenty four valves.

here is how time the plug end. Pressing an accelerator pedal « in a floor » calls, after short hitch, the powerful set of the speed, which rate increases throughout several seconds. 5 Uses this time to be convinced of gravity of your intentions before transition in a sports mode. Drives well « cling » the friend for the friend. The box allows the motor to be untwisted approximately to five and a half thousand turns. The ground clearance decreases, the suspender becomes more rigid. Reactions to wheel turning movements exact and at the same time easy. The jet effort is absent at all, but for the first time in life it does not call uncertainty and sensation « something not so ». Such is one of pleasant features of luxury Citroen.

« the automatic machine » allows to go and a loading skid. By pressing the left pedal the engine braking mode becomes more active. It is possible, without resorting to a manual control a box, to enter into turning movement under gas dump, as on « to the mechanic » without expecting any surprises. Tyres Michelin Pilot Primacy in the size 215/55R16 reliably hold the car on the planned trajectory. Even at dynamical, active driving the remarkable safety margin of the car on all parametres is felt. Lists in bends are insignificant, however guards easy sensation of artificiality from which the body is kept in a horizontal plane a little. It slightly holds down.

Available possibility of a manual gear shift pleases in itself, but to use it of desire does not arise: intellectual stuffing KP does the work faster and « thinks » not worse the average skilled driver. System ESP and « in the winter is useful; snow » a variant of work of transmission.

on high speeds the body of the car nestles on a road cloth even more, and the front part falls more strongly rear, reducing thereby aerodynamic unloading. During intensive slowdown the car slightly « half-rises ». The clever suspender does not allow the car to be sleepy.

ahead — The broken tram moving. We dump speed, but especially it is not necessary to be very cautious. A suspender silently sglatyvaet rather essential roughnesses. It is necessary to be dispersed slightly after obstacle journey as the car accepts again highway « a pose ». The suspender is steered and manually: by means of keys on a tunnel between seats it is possible to increase a ground clearance, for example, leaving from a rough platform.

generalising impressions, it is difficult to pick up ordinary phrases for definition of character of the car. Perhaps, 5 it is so fresh that proper words still are not present, and the car already appeared. Perhaps, such also become the majority of cars in the near future — combining universality and comfort at level unattainable hitherto.

the given representative of a new class is allocated by the present charm. The car is so many-sided that, it seems to us, as if French wines, will call various sensations all who adjoins to it. Certainly, in a sports mode — it not Impreza, and in the hoisted condition — not Land Rover. However 5 anyway does not enter into any niche, and creates under itself new.

perhaps, in a role of the unique car of a well-founded Russian family of analogues at new Citroen is not present. In favour of it — both a parity between a complete set and the price, and original universality of a hatchback under our conditions. By the way, the quantity of sales 5 says that in Russia this car already was to the taste much.

Citroen C5 3.0i V6 (Exclusive)

the Body – 5-dvernyj a hatchback • the equipped weight, kg – 1520 • the maximum speed, km/h – 232 • acceleration time to 100 km/h, c – 9,7 • kontr. Fuel consumption (the commixed cycle), km l/100 – 10,2 • the engine – V-shaped, the 6-cylinder., the 24-valve.; a working volume, sm3 – 2946; Capacity, h.p. at mines-1 – 210/6000; a twisting moment, N · m at mines-1 – 285/3750; the feed system – mnogotochech. Electronic injection • transmission – 4-mortars., the automatic machine., adaptive, with sekventalnym justices. • the size of tyres – 215/55R16 • a suspender of wheels: lobbies – McPherson; rear – on longitudinal levers • brakes – a disk., with ABS • the price, $ – 32000.