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Tyres Continental Contiicecontact. Ice instead of Winter

Continental developed new family of tyres for the markets of Northern Europe and the countries of the former USSR

the Big advantage of a market competition: in world shinnom business there is no one once and for all recognised leader. That one stamp « shoots » another. Only just make « the best tyre of all times and the people » in one place, and one more « the best » already it is represented to public in other.

it is at first sight strange, but the fact: for a role of the leader in working out of winter tyres even more often applies Continental. So, past year frictional ContiWinterContact TS 830P and 800 received the higher estimations at the overwhelming majority of automobile editions of Germany, autoclubs ADAC (Germany), OAMTC (Austria) and TSC (Switzerland). But last years and shipovannye German tyres are estimated rather highly. Konech ­ but, it is possible to refer on long-term « purely Scandinavian » experience Gisla ­ ved, but with closing of the Swedish factory to the stamp within the limits of concern supporting parts, along with Uniroyal, Barum and Semperit are prepared.

Position of a title brand obliges: on Continental the thrust block becomes and at creation of the spiked tyres forbidden on the majority of roads of the Western and Central Europe.

autotires in Europe sharpen to Scandinavia, Finland, Russia and its nearest neighbours. Therefore and « shows » new shipovki ContiIceContact Germans organised in Norway, the most northern in Northern Europe to the country. In days of the Vancouver Olympic Games of the Russian journalists and dealers accepted Olympic Lillehammer.

Ice ice

ContiIceContact means there is on change at once to three highly appreciated both in the north of Europe, and to Russia to models ContiWinterViking 1 and 2 plus Conti4x4IceContact. The German manufacturer demonstri ­ ruet the democratic approach. The same model depending on the size finds application both on a compact, and on SUV, and by the car
a business class. Transition on but ­ vuju the model comes to the end to the beginning of winter.

all making tyres underwent to changes. The main attention has been turned on thorns (Brilliant Plus), new technology of offtake of an ice crumb and optimisation of structure of rubber.

a tread pattern as it is accepted today in the majority « decent houses » asymmetric with three-dimensional step lameljami inside and sinusoidal step — outside. Crosspieces in the longitudinal flutes, providing vzaimozatseplenie blocks, are made not continuous, but divided on a diagonal sajpami (the knife flutes). Blocks of a humeral zone have strongly pronounced sharp edges. « Zubastaja » the external part of a shoulder looks aggressively enough. All these external lines of a tread provided optimisation of drive of forces (each zone is responsible for the work), improved interlocking lamelej. Ruggedness of a tread increased that raised efficiency of drive of efforts. As consequence, improved roadability on all coverings, clutch on snow and on ice. Increased hodimost tyres. The new thorn, is more exact all system oshipovki, deserve the big separate conversation. For last seven years applied Continental thorns passed « the big way of development ». In 2003 the thorn was traditional round dvuhflantsevym. In 2005 there was a so-called diamond thorn, using which, Continental achieved an appreciation of the winter tyres every possible independent experts. Nowadays « to a brilliant » added « plus ». Form Brilliant Plus is clear on a photo. Pay attention to the form tverdosplavnogo of the centre hub: instead of « points » this or that configuration appeared « Cross ». The length of coupling sides seriously increased. Thorns are made by company Tico got by concern.

the revolutionary technology of its fixing is applied To reliable landing of a thorn in a tread body. The thorn case has the special covering allowing zavulkanizirovat of it in a bore. The thorn keeps not only at the expense of flanges, but also at the expense of strong joint of all its surfaces with rubber. It shakes together with last while a standard thorn, being shaken, breaks a landing nest, gradually it leaves and as a result is lost. Years of sponsorship Trophee Andros did not pass for Continental for nothing: « pasted » the thorn is successfully used in the monotire of a racing series — Continental IceRacingContact 3.

innovations were not limited to It. Any thorn — cutting ice the tool. If the centre hub became wider, also an ice crumb is formed more. Anyway it, remaining near to a thorn, « Wrings out » the tyre from a road surface. The effective height of the centre hub decreases, it clings to ice is worse. Designers Continental changed a tread pattern in immediate proximity from a landing nest. The ice crumb gets in two taking away flutes. The thorn does not lose efficiency. The system of measures improved clutch on ice and drive of efforts. The braking distance on ice was reduced to 11 %. « the Brilliant with plus » wears out less and serves longer.

the structure of a rubber mixture appreciably defines character of the tyre. The new technology with use completely synthetic razmjagchitelej provides optimum balance between elasticity and ruggedness of a tread throughout all life cycle of the tyre.

it is remarkable that, despite the declared universality, design ContiIceContact « it is adapted » to each concrete size. Especially many specific changes at tyres for all-wheel drive cars (having identification mark « 44 » on bokovine). At them are altered design of a tread (including lameli), an arrangement of thorns, a design bokoviny. « Specific » the approach provided the best characteristics in each of standard sizes. In particular, features of seating of thorns allowed to lower noise level.

novelty Continental AG will be presented in the market in 44 standard sizes for cars (from 155/80R13 83T XL to 245/40R18 97T XL FR) and in 25 — for polnoprivodnikov (from 235/75R15 109T XL and 205/70R15 96T to 275/40R20 106T XL FR).


On lake

Indicative arrivals arranged on lake ice, suggesting to compare a novelty with presented past winter in the market of winter spiked tyres analogues of other manufacturers. And, as it always happens, the debutant obviously surpassed competitors. It was better dispersed and slowed down, kept in turning movements more confidently, restored clutch after drift faster and showed the best time of a circle. But these are features of a genre of press conference: progress is not necessary on a place, and everyone (behind very rare exceptions) the new tyre by definition will be better than that has been created earlier. Nevertheless it is possible to assume that with the advent of ContiIceContact the German concern strengthens the positions in struggle for leadership.
however, all is learnt in comparison.