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Continental and Gislaved. Both number, and ability

Continental stretched pleasure of demonstration of new winter tyres on two stages in the different ends of Europe

About the first action spent in the French Alpes, we already told in the spring. In foothills it was possible « alive » to try rain Uniroyal, on glaciers — winter Semperit. The Austrian tyres seemed very decent. It is a pity that to their Russia officially do not deliver. And it is literally in some days in the Swedish subpolar small town Arvidsjaur, on winter proving ground Continental AG and adjoining district, there passed presentation of novelties of a leading brand of concern and become « stepsons » winter tyres Gislaved . For the future winter season Continental it was prepared seriously: any other manufacturer did not present such quantity of novelties. They are However, intended basically for tsentralnoevropejskogo the market.

Gislaved Soft Frost 3

Soft Frost in translation from English means « a soft frost ». And that happens basically in Europe where thorns are forbidden. With factory closing in Sweden brand Gislaved gradually loses in the lead positions in production program Continental. Not that that tyres became worse, is simple all newest workings out get to a title brand, and to the glorified Swedish stamp is assigned a part « the second echelon ». I will not tell about all markets, but for Russia such approach can appear erroneous: Gislaved at us it is untwisted better. Nevertheless, new neshipuemoj to the tyre Soft Frost 3 the role of the outsider is not prepared not so.


directed V-shaped the tread pattern with two central edges became for a long time already traditional for winter tyres. Edges improve a road-holding ability and drive of efforts, wide inclined flutes dewater also a dirt, besides cling to snow. The interconnected system of blocks allows to distribute in regular intervals pressure in a contact piece stain that reduces deterioration of tyres. Lameli in humeral blocks enter into mutual gearing, than the ruggedness of a shoulder necessary for confident passage of turning movements and roadability on dry road is reached. Wide flutes carry out function of snow pockets: snow is better hitched to snow, than with rubber. Thus, flotation ability raises. More dense, than at Soft Frost 2, a network lamelej works in all directions. Lameli have different width, an orientation (up to longitudinal) and height at the expense of what clutch of tyres with road to any conditions improves.

in a rubber mixture technical carbon and the polymers improving the characteristics of the tyre on ice and snow are used. In comparison with the predecessor, all working indicators of the tyre are improved. But the special thrust block is made on its behaviour on dry and wet asphalt. Quite logically: winters all become warmer. While in the market there will be 11 standard sizes Gislaved Soft Frost 3 — from 175/70R13 T to 225/45R17 T XL that allows to capture 79,32 % of requirements of the market.

ContiWinterContact TS 830

Feature new high-speed (to 240 km/h) the directed winter tyre — functional division of elements of its tread. Its central part is responsible for tyre characteristics on ice, humeral — work in snow. The tread midpoint is generously flavoured lameljami and edges of the blocks which edges cling to the smallest roughnesses of ice. In humeral zones lamelej it is less, but it is more than blocks. In total in the new tyre 100 working edges and 30 metres of the knife flutes (sajpov) are. « Distribution of fields » Allowed to overcome the immemorial conflict between requirements to a tread pattern on ice on the one hand and on snow — with another.

three-dimensional patented sajpy are designed so that to combine flexibility in a longitudinal direction with ruggedness in the cross-section. Reaction to steering wheel turning movement was as a result accelerated, and speed of passage of turning movement increased that lowered danger of emergency maneuvers. The directed drawing allows to dewater effectively and snow porridge and promotes acoustic comfort.


presence siliki as a part of a mixture and technology of hydraulic sticky liquid H.A.F.T (Hydrolic Adhesion Fluid Technology) improve behaviour of the tyre on ice, snow and wet road. In comparison with the predecessor, all characteristics improved, and hodimost tyres increased on 10 % with superfluous, resistance kacheniju is reduced to indicators of the summer tyre that gave essential drop of fuel consumption and blowouts in atmosphere. The tyre can be used on the cars equipped ABS and ESC.
in the Autumn in sale 18 standard sizes of series in 65 and 55 width from 185 to 215 mm with landing diameters of 15 and 16 inches arrived.

ContiVikingContact 5

For a basis of a tread of a frictional novelty was asymmetric drawing of predecessor ContiVikingContact 3 who mass-produced 4 years ago and have shown decent results in numerous tests is taken. But also the tread, and structure of a rubber mixture underwent to considerable changes. In particular, the tyre is adapted for work with electronic system of safety ESC.

Inclined longitudinal flutes dewater, snow porridge and a dirt and it is easy samoochishchajutsja at wheel rotation. Acting elements in lateral flutes provide drop of mobility of elements of a tread and, as consequence, improve roadability on dry road. A dense network lamelej and a considerable quantity of sides of blocks provide improvement of clutch with a road carpet and braking distance cutting-down. In the same purposes the rubber mixture is made « especially soft ». The flat cross-section of a humeral zone and additional sides available there optimise lateral stability on snow and ice.

drawing and structure of a mixture of a tread are picked up so that its ruggedness did not change throughout all life cycle of the tyre irrespective of deterioration degree. This year in the market there will be 20 standard sizes — from 175/65R14 82TL to 245/40R18 XL.

ContiWinterContact TS 810 Sport

This tyre is necessary far not to everyone. It intends for superhigh-speed and ottjuningovannyh cars and supposes movement with speeds to 270 km/h. Try to find for it in Russia suitable road. At least in the summer. The hi-tech asymmetric tyre in some sizes has version SSR (the raised mobility in case of a puncture).

ContiwinterContact TS 810

This tyre similar with sports TS 810 Sport, approaches for cars more modestly — standard and full-size (on German classification). By its working out the special attention was given to clutch with road and braking efficiency (even on snow-covered road), firmness to hydroplaning and noise minimisation. Distinguishes the tyre and raised hodimost.

ContiwinterContact TS 800

At the directed tyre for compacts in which tread pattern V-shaped flutes and « are combined; cellular » lameli, in this season there was a lineup expansion. The most short characteristic TS 800 : « Even small cars should be safe ».

ContiCrossContact Winter

the Tread pattern of this tyre for SUV — the asymmetric: large rigid blocks with sinusoidal sajpami on an external part of a tread guarantee stability in turning movements while smaller in the sizes and more elastic blocks with developed sajpami on inside provide drive of considerable traction and brake forces. Carefully thought over system sajpov allowed to combine incompatible — good roadability on dry and snow-covered road with uniform deterioration. The maximum admissible speed — 240 km/h. Series — from 85 to 35, diameters obodev - from 15 to 21 inches, width — from 205 to 295 mm. Only 22 standard sizes.

tests by the North

Arrivals on identical cars in various northern road conditions gave pleasure, but almost did not give the information for article. All arrivals (hrono