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Dacia Sandero. Renovatsija

Dacia Sandero. The price: it is not defined. On sale: since summer of 2009

Almost one year prior to the prospective beginning of sales of Renault Sandero in Russia we tested new French hetchbek an economy class on twisting roads of continental Croatia and island Hvar

Continuing development of budgetary program Х90, Renault deduces on the market new hetchbek Sandero in which working out it is enclosed € 65 million In Argentina and Brazil sales of new model began in January, 2008. In June Sandero under stamp Dacia left and on the European market. And here in Russia of Renault Sandero most likely appears only in a year, when at factory « avtoframos » manufacture updated Logan begins. Sandero and Logan though and not twins, but nevertheless brothers: more than 70 % of details of two cars are identical. They are constructed on uniform platform B0 and will prepare on the same industrial line « avtoframos ». And distribution of modelling occupancy depending on market claims can vary between Logan and Sandero in any range: 100 % ? 0 %/0 % ? 100 %. But it will be in only next summer. While we decided to get acquainted with the European novelty — Dacia Sandero , descended with « building berths » the Romanian factory in Piteshti.

Of course, the well-known autocouturier Patrick Lekeman not bad worked in the Barcelonian design studio! Pleasant rotundity of forms and slightly softened « a sectional view of headlights » so favourably distinguish Sandero from « rublenogo » Logan as roundish forms of the generated girl distinguish it from youthful leanness of the girl-teenager. Circular flows over protective inserts on each side bodies add Sandero individualities, and more aggressive forms of a bumper and radiatornoj lattices urged to underline precipitancy and aggressiveness of model. Those to whom and it seems a little, can reserve the car in weather-cloth SUV: lateral moldings, modified bumpers and lattices of fog lights give to the car even more an aggressive look.

the interior as a whole is sustained in the spirit of Logan, but at the same time differs a number of pleasant completions. New perfectly readable metre panel with a white substrate on cars with 1,6?литровым the motor and holes - malnye &mdash especially pleases; the complete handles of the front doors which have come in the stead loganovskim « to semigrasps ». Though on the handle rear doors in style Logan nevertheless remained, as well as many other elements of the car of an economy class. So, the steering booster, systems of resetting of height of seats and a steering tube inclination, electrowindow regulators and electroadjusters of mirrors are accessible only in topovyh complete sets or as an option.

the Suspender though got Sandero in the inheritance from the big brother, on the first impressions seems slightly more softly, than at Logan . But in the Russian version of distinction, most likely, will be levelled. The wheel is easier, than on Logan, but pustovat though, considering a car class, quite within the limits of admissible delta. As a whole Sandero it is steered rather adequately, unless at offset of the centre of gravity forward — when the unique passenger takes place near to the driver — in fast rerates the excessive pulling down of a rear axle at times is shown. And here that frankly disappointed, so it is a gear box. The lever course is so great what once again to be switched to even drives simply it would not be desirable: it is necessary to turn out constantly a hand back. But with Sandero such focuses do not pass: the first drive is so short what to be switched at once to the third is almost unreal. But in a racing way short first drive improves accelerating dynamics of the car with 4 motors suffocated by standard Euro a little.

partly thanks to it Sandero with 1,6?литровым the engine capacity of 87 h.p. it is dispersed to hundred for 11,5 with, and with 75?сильным the motor 1.4 — for 13 with. Structurally both loganovskih the engine are rather good: are reliable and economic — spend in the commixed cycle for 100 km of a way of fuel of 7,2 and 7,0 l accordingly. But here capacity and the moment all the same does not suffice them. On roads of Croatia it is felt as anywhere sharply: without having a capacity stock, to overtake on mountain streamers not too pleasantly, and at times and simply dangerously. It is necessary to give a discount that Sandero all the same purely city car. Thus, though owing to the design features Sandero also gravitates to quiet city driving, it is focused; it on younger audience, rather than Logan.

Cost Russian Sandero we, possibly, learn not earlier than 2009. However some forecasts can be made all the same. In Romania, for example, Sandero approximately on 8 % is more expensive than sedan Logan: € 6900 against € 6400. Proceeding from what it is possible to hope that in Russia base cost Sandero 1.6 does not exceed 370?000 rbl.

New Logan

Simultaneously with start in manufacture of Renault Sandero by summer of 2009 at factory « avtoframos » assembly of updated Renault Logan begins. After restyling Logan on 40 mm becomes longer, and visually considerably looks younger. The interior is almost indistinguishable from interior Sandero: the same new metre panel in two variants of the registration, the updated central extension housing and sound handles of the front doors. The exterior also underwent some changes, called to improve appearance « the Frenchman ». The rear bumper became more relief and harmonious thanks to fashionable nowadays to a number niche in the form of turned letter U and to occurrence of a plastic cap of a coupling pocket. The front weather-cloth also changed: the expressed streamline niches of fog lights and predatory « a mouth » gave to the car more modern kind.

Indulgence to standards Euro 4 a little smazyvaetvpechatlenie otdvigatelja, in the rest of justices ­ lenie Sandero quite corresponds to a class itsene the car.
qualitative enough furnish quite good bokovajapodderzhka of seats.
the Suspender is much softer, than on Logan. However after adaptation to the Russian conditions of its characteristic quite can change a little.
Four airbags — Not the most bad variant for the economy class car.
the price
is not defined.

merits and demerits

+ the Comfortable suspender, modern design.
- the strangled motor, a long course of lever KP.

Technical characteristics

Mark and model - Dacia Sandero
Dimensions - 4020х1746х1534 mm
the Engine - petrol, 1390 sm3; 75 l.s./5500 mines-1 (1598 sm3; 87 l.s./5500 mines-1)
Transmission - meanichekaja., 5-step
Dynamics - max 161 km/h; 13,0 with to 100 km/h (max 174km/ch; 11,5 with to 100 km/h)
Competitors - Chevrolet Aveo, Hyundai Getz, Lada Kalina

Our opinion

In a dynamically enough developing segment budgetary hetchbekov Sandero should take a worthy place. All business only in the price in ­ millet! If base cost 1,6?лит ­ rovogo the car does not exceed settlement 370?000 rbl., renovatsii from Re ­ nault the safe future will be prepared in Russia.