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Dodge Nitro. Nitroglycerine

Dodge Nitro the price: from ?31500 on sale: May, 2007.

Dodge Nitro - the first srednerazmernyj SUV, with which Chrysler Group decided to enter not simply the European market, and « to blow up » it. We look at this explosive and we try to find out, how much powerful this charge.

the error in judgement about visibility is called as an optical deceit. From two equal subjects we involuntarily name big what we see clearer, more distinctly. The cube always seems more comparable to it on the size of a sphere. And for this reason, when the first time you look at Dodge Nitro, it seems simply a giant, especially if nearby there are no other cars. The huge chromeplated radiator; the front bumper which is sticking out forward, as if a diesel locomotive chipper; healthy dilators of wheel arches, 20-inch wheels on the chromeplated disks, a high zone line, glasses-loopholes - all it works on visual increase in the car.

But illusion is scattered, it is necessary to approach only to it « tarakanishchu ». In actual fact it no more the same Jeep Liberty with which, as a matter of fact, also divided a platform. However, unlike the summary brother, matchast Nitro it is considerably simplified. Neither the underdrive, nor an interaxle differential. Elektricheski a connected forward control - here and all off-road arsenal. Allowing twisting moment distribution in a proportion 50:50. As a matter of fact, Nitro not that other, as an ordinary crossover, what on our open spaces today nemerjano. And nevertheless

Look, look and look. Yes you on us wipe a hole. Yearned, to see, our consumer under brutal forms. Here also stare at us from the windows obmylkov, as on a piece of the present laundry soap. The people grieve for the present, mans, rough. On it the rate by designers also has been made. The car should cling, excite, blow up consciousness. And it clings. Occurrence of this car in the general city stream comparable with effect of the broken off grenade. All around immediately fades, costs to it only will be rolled out on a crossroads even from a minor road. It pass, at it look, to it are surprised. Indifferent is not present basically. The car is so strongly loaded emotionally that very few people excites, whether this charismatic power is supported by the validity.

and the validity, meanwhile, is absolutely mediocre. And it concerns not only running characteristics, about which a bit later, but also interior arrangements. Anything such that it would be not necessary to see earlier. Motorcycle wells of a dashboard and were beaten before in automobile interiors time and again. With aluminium inserts too very few people you will surprise. However, it is necessary to give due to designers: all looks very not bad, but not so that « ah! ». And all because external brutalnost did not receive continuation in an interior. Corners here again suffices, but how appearance, it any more does not cling.

thus the interior is quite convenient. Places suffice both in front, and behind. Seats have an optimum set of resettings. To change a back discharge angle it is possible even on the second number. There are places for different melochovki. And they are scattered on all interior, since a ceiling. And the insignificant sizes of a glovebox are compensated with interest by huge boxing-armrest between front seats. Time speech came about seating of things, it is necessary to mention and a luggage compartment. It is not especially great, but is sufficient: the volume at not combined seats of the second row makes 389 litres, at combined - 1994. On it, actually, it would be possible and to finish the description of an interior of the car, if not... A trunk floor put forward almost on half-metre. Here a counter, noteworthy. This adaptation, according to developers, essentially facilitates loading-unloading of heavy things. Put forward a floor, threw on it two bags of a potato and pushed back. The panel can sustain loading in 181 kg. But to throw a bag it is possible only from a shoulder. Whether the loading height with such gadget makes 85 see vysokovato? In general, this option is doubtful. So doubtful option - thresholds. Very much they wide and, alas, rather weak. It is necessary to step into them as they cave in at once and are not corrected. And what will be after a month? Yes they will be simply dragged on asphalt. In general, it « convenience » it is better not to reserve the more what to get into interior it is possible and without it.

Now Dodge Nitro is delivered on our market with two engines. It is 3,7-litre petrol V6 and four-cylinder rjadnyj a diesel engine. Both variants are equipped with automatic transmissions. In the petrol version on a diesel engine there is a 5-step automatic machine, on V6 - checked up 4-step. Lets notice that the car is aggregated by one more power-plant - 4,0-litre petrol V6, but in our market it while officially is not presented.

on the test we took the car with the gasoline engine accessible to us. Being moderately powerful (205 h.p.) It allocates Nitro with very quite good dynamics. Anyway, 10,3 seconds to hundred for the car which fully loaded mass passes for 2,5 tons, - rather decent result. In general, the car on road behaves very much even not bad, but there are moments which guard. The first is not so distinct steering. And though the hydraulic booster more or is less adequate, the steering does not give absolute feedback. The moment of the second - brakes. You press slightly - reactions any, pressed more strongly - rose as driven. And not to take down somebody a front bumper, it is necessary to hold big enough distance that in a city as you understand, it is problematic. And here the suspender appeared enough comfortable. The car goes exactly, without lists, klevkov and knee-bends. Besides Nitro practically does not fall in turning movements. Spoil general impression from driving only 20-inch wheels. Undoubtedly, they look effectively, but because of a low cross-section of rubber in them it is necessary to support a high pressure in this connection they almost amortise. The variant with 16-inch rubber for our conditions seems preferable.

as to impassability Nitro, as well as any other crossover, is strong on it for the time being. « directions » to it it is obvious not on a shoulder. The maximum, on what it is capable, so it on a defile on a beach or a first coat. However, and developers do not hide that the all wheel drive on Nitro provides only confident and safe movement on slippery coverings in the conditions of bad weather. However whom it stops? Most likely, it will maintain as an off-road car.


Confidently costs on road. It is dynamical. High landing provides the good review. Pumped up unless muffled brakes.


purely American ergonomics. European unless a parking brake. Nevertheless, all elements of steering on a kind also are easily accessible.


the Car is spacious, well equipped. A quite good noise isolation. A qualitative audiosystem.


In the standard of 4 pillows, ESP and Brake Asist, ABS, protivobuksovochnaja system and the system preventing overturning.

the price

is a little overestimated.

merits and demerits

+ not Hackneyed appearance, the Comfortable interior, the Comprehensible dynamics, Adequate work AKP.

- Muffled brakes, a wadded steering.

Our opinion

is unequivocal, in our market this « dynamite » has every chance to be backed out in leaders of sales. However the essence if not to take into account not ordinary appearance, Nitro differs from schoolmates a little. Whether here only draws on itself a blanket cheaper Jeep Liberty? Time shows.