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1952 Ferraris 225S Vignale Spider. Red djavolenok

Ferrari 225S year of manufacture: 1952. The price: $1 500 000. The price сейчаc: $1 500 000

Ferrari 225S is a racing car 50 with fearless and the uncontrollable temper surprisingly approaching to character of racers of those times.

« a spider » Ferrari 225S with a body designed by Giovanni Michelotti and constructed in studio Vignale, - result of evolution of a thoroughbred racing racer of Ferrari 166, begun in 1948. The model of Ferrari 166 Barchetta with engine V121995cm3 was very successful: she won 24?часовые races in Le Mans and Spa-Frankorshame of 1949.

as well as the transitive model with an index 212, 225?я has the same habits, as its progenitress. At it same rather easy, but a strong body, a rigid tubular frame and the reliable motor.

the brilliant debut of Ferrari 225S took place on Grand prix of Monaco of 1952. Among contenders of Ferrari were Aston Martin, Gordini and Talbot-Lago. However « red djavoljata » occupied on this race all first five places. Such success has been in many respects caused by the mass failure which has occurred because of one of Ferrari. After failure functioned 225?м simply there was nobody to make a competition.

Ferrari steering 225S Vignale Spider is far from an ideal: it insufficiently informative, and in turning movements demands bolshego, than it would be desirable, efforts. Nevertheless, the driver feels at the wheel this car quite confidently. Especially it concerns drivers with the developed bicepses: precisely you know that if forces the car enters even into the most abrupt turning movement suffices. The driver sits in a dense leather armchair, as in a chaise lounge: knees are located at right angle, and heels rest against a floor.

However, in long arrivals it does not add comfort, after all instead of the newspaper at you in hands the big wheel with a thin and slippery rim, notches on which underside painfully enough scratch hands.

Ferrari motor 225S loves high turns, justifying expectations of the driver, thirsting to hear a thunderous crash of the muffler and uterine growl of three carburettors Webber which are sucking in air in twelve flaring cylinders. When at descent from mountain you direct a long red nose of this car to the first of numerous S-shaped turning movements, unconsciously you start to press brakes, is simple to feel that they work. It seems that the foot rests against a brick wall: it is few course of a pedal, but, nevertheless, the car is slowed down.

the given copy is equipped 4?ступенчатой by transmission (same KP subsequently received Ferrari 250) which works much better original « five-mortars »: At change of drives the driver does not need to squeeze out clutch twice. Ferrari engine 225S conducts the history from the first 12?цилиндрового the motor which has been designed by Dzhoachkino of Colombo in 1946. The original volume of it V12 was 1500см3, but for Ferrari 225S it chiseled to 2715 sm3, finishing capacity to 210 h.p. Two hundreds « mares » - not God knows, in comparison with engines of competitors (for example, rjadnoj « the six » Jaguar C-type), but we will not forget that this motor was very easy that gave priority to Ferrari on a racing line.

following in an evolution chain « kolombovskogo » the motor - 3,0-litre V12 - put on legendary Ferrari 250 GTO. In comparison with 250 GTO, Ferrari 225S looks rather ascetically. If to glance in a cockpit located behind the long cowl it seems to you almost « naked ».

Here all looks utilitarianly: Minimum of switches, and from devices only two round dials ­- a speedometer and a tachometre - on the front panel centre. But when you squeeze in kovsheobraznoe Ferrari armchair 225S Vignale Spider, you put on gloves and you start the motor, of it you do not think. During this moment all other world ceases to exist for you, and it seems that somewhere the spirit of Entso of Ferrari nearby wanders.

history of one car

In 1952 Ferrari company exhausted 44 cars, and half from them were Ferrari 225S. The car which has visited on our test, Vasko Samejro from Lisbon bought, and even achieved on it of some successes, acting on races in native Portugal. In the beginning of 1953 Samejro forwarded the car to the South America for performances on races Maracana, Carrera Panamericana and Buenos Aires 1000.

At that time a car racing was very popular in the South America, in many respects thanks to Juan Manuelja Fanhios successes. In 50?е years in Brazil there were many men of means who could indulge itself with purchase thoroughbred European « a racer ». Samejro too sold the Ferrari 225S to the Brazilian: the new owner « red djavolenka » there was Mario de to Valentim from Rio de Janeiro. Funny, but Mario was necessary to go behind this car to the Old World where it was forwarded by Samejro for participation in local races.