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New innovative Ferrari V8 named “Italy

Ferrari 458 Italia is the latest embodiment berlinetty with a central-back arrangement of the engine

Each Ferrari is innovative by the definition – it is an indisputable fact, and to that acknowledgement – all history of existence « the Caracoling horse ». However some models became rather new word against cars of time. It to the full concerns Ferraris 458 Italia marking huge jump forward in comparison with the previous sport cars with a central-back arrangement of the engine.

the new model represents synthesis of style, a scent of the true artist, passion and ultramodern technology, the qualities which have glorified masters from Italy. For this reason Ferrari company decided to add the name of the country to the traditional figure representing a working volume and quantity of cylinders. Ferrari 458 Italia; – Absolutely new car from any point of view: the engine, design, aerodynamics, instrument equipment and ergonomics, and it is far not the complete list.

in double berlinette Ferrari 458 Italia, as well as in all cars of Ferraris intended for public roads, is made traditionally use the racing experience of the company received in Formula 1. Especially clearly speed and accuracy from which the car reacts to signals of the driver, and also focusing on drop of an internal friction in the engine with a view of reception of lower fuel consumption in comparison with F430 testifies to it. And it despite the fact of increase in the general working volume and capacity. However racing experience of Ferrari has an effect not only as from the point of view of pure technology, but also and at more emotional level, thanks to special accent on creation of almost symbiotic mutual relations of the driver and the car.

458 Italia it is characterised by the innovative steering environment with new type of a steering wheel and the panel of devices – direct result of application of practical racing technologies. Once again it would be desirable to underline Michael Schumachers who taking part in working out of the project 458 Italia from the very beginning and has brought 458 invaluable contribution to common cause contribution.

design Pininfarina provides declared Ferrari 458 Italia a full separation from the past. Ferrari 458 Italia is characterised by the compact aerodynamic form that underlines the concept of simplicity, efficiency and the ease, embodied in this project. As well as in a case with each Ferrari, on style of the car made strong impact of the requirement of aerodynamic efficiency to what the pressing effort of new model in 140 kg testifies at 200 km/h. The front part is characterised by one aperture for a front lattice and lateral air intakes with aerodynamic sections and the cross-sections developed for a direction of air to cooling radiators and the new flat bottom. The nasal part also differs small aeroelastic vingletami which create pressing effort, and at increase in speed are deformed with a view of reduction of section of inlet openings of a radiator and reduce resistance.

new 4499 sm3 V8 are represented by the first engine of Ferrari with direct injection of the fuel, established in central-back position. This engine has very low compression ratio of buckets typical for racing engines that promotes achievement of factor of the compression making 12.5:1. Being the equipped traditional flat bent shaft, the engine develops 570 h.p. at 9000 turns in a minute. Its unique output power (127 l.s./litre); Not only establishes the standard for all ruler of production of Ferrari and a corresponding segment of the automobile market, but also sets a new reference point of history of the company. The maximum twisting moment makes 540 Nanometers at 6000 turns in a minute, more than 80 which percent are accessible, since 3250 turns in a minute. The specific twisting moment has been registered as 120 Nanometer/litre. However that actually it is amazing, so it is twisting moment size at preservation of high levels of capacity on low turns.

the car voice also is typical for Ferrari: the powerful, exciting roar of the engine distributed by pressing gas before passing through three rear exhaust pipes.

458 Italia it is equipped by a seven-high-speed gear box with the double clutch, improving utilisation properties. It provides very smooth switching even at full opening of a throttle valve. Engineers developed special, more sports reduction ratios which correspond to curves of capacity and a twisting moment new V8. They guarantee a high twisting moment even at low speeds of the engine and allow the car to reach the maximum high-speed mode on the higher drive.

from the point of view of drop of allocation of combustion materials new Ferari also shows the big jerk forward. Despite much more high power of the engine, than at previous V8s, Ferrari 458 Italia makes blowout only 320 gramme CO2 on kilometre. Fuel consumption makes 13.5 l/100 of km (at the commixed mode of driving) that does the engine by the best in the segment.

at a stage; workings out design engineers made special efforts for reduction of weight of the car. As a result of dry weight of Ferrari 458 Italia makes 1380 kg at specific capacity on a mass unit of 2.42 kg/h.p. weight Distribution also is optimum – 58 percent are necessary on a rear axle. The result of the efforts undertaken by engineers can be expressed in two simple figures of statistics proving of exclusive characteristics of Ferrari 458 Italia: speedup from 0 to 100 km/hour less than for 3.4 seconds and the maximum speed exceeding 325 km/hour.

for creation of the new chassis again executed from aluminium, engineers from Maranello used various types of the advanced alloys and applied manufacturing techniques and the fastenings borrowed in the space industry.;

now it is a little about dynamics of the car. The suspender of Ferrari 458 Italia has the double cross-section lever in front and a multilever design behind, adjusted for maintenance of the maximum road-holding ability and excellent roadability. Thanks to more exact reduction ratio of the steer of Ferrari 458 Italia offers possibility of extremely fast performance of sharp turns and steering of a body at preservation of the maximum comfort of driving.;

integration; elektronno steered differential; E-Diff and monitoring systems of pull-rod F1-Trac (now supervised by the same control package of the engine) even more amplified that led to growth of longitudinal speedup on an exit from a bend for 32 percent in comparison with the previous models. Improvement of logic of the steering, different faster and more exact calculation of levels of clutch with road, guarantees road-holding ability increase, the best roadability and simplicity of steering.

the same block exercises administration of high quality system ABS, providing even more exact control of logic threshold levels and higher efficiency. Brakes are equipped by function of an anticipatory pressure boost in the braking system at which buckets in calipers approach brake blocks to disks for the purpose of minimisation of a delay of operation of system by pressing of a pedal of a brake. This function in a combination with ABS reduces a braking distance to 32.5 metres at drop of speed about 100 km/hour to 0 km/ hour.;

internal furnish of Ferrari 458 Italia; - one more distinctive feature of the car underlining its sports character. The owner is waited by interior with new configuration of elements and in a revolutionary way the ergonomic interface where all basic elements of steering are concentrated to a steering wheel.

exhausting Ferrari 458 Italia, the factory in Maranello introduced the new especial car in a ruler of a car with the 8-cylinder engine. Now the company offers two models having general racing system DNA. Models exclusively sports also offer pleasant driving in true traditions of Ferrari, however they are intended for two absolutely different categories of customers. Ferrari C