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Fiat 500. The five-100-th

Fiat 500. The price: it is not defined. The beginning of sales: since spring of 2008

the Italian company noted 50-year-old anniversary of Fiat 500 revival of the legendary car. On the technician the car differs from the predecessor. However in an exterior style of the veteran is saved. In Russia it appears at a distant day, but it is necessary to look narrowly already now.

Some things can be legendary. They reflect themselves the whole epoch. Therefore them love, care and cherish. Among cars of such legends it is a lot of. The weight of memoirs, hopes is connected With each first car at any manufacturer. It is necessary to remember the darling to a shower « kopeck » (VAZ 2101). What it was the desired car! And Volkswagen Beetle? He did not leave the conveyor throughout 65 years. Became one of the most popular and mass, it has been sold 21,5 million cars.

for millions happy owners Fiat 500 became such also. Certainly, it is younger than the opponents, but nevertheless had time to do noise in the automobile world. By it went all - from ordinary citizens to supercelebrities. And each of them was happy, travelling about on open spaces on personal, though also small, avtomobilchike.

Legends can come back. To the automobile environment such cases are known. To take the same Volkswagen Beetle. Till the moment of its removal from the conveyor in 2003 assembly of new generation has been in parallel adjusted. Designers created an image in which appearance lines similar to a primogenitor were traced. Engineers enclosed all advanced systems and technologies in its stuffing. But former popularity VW New Beetle, alas, any more did not receive...

the Exit of new generation of Fiat 500 dated for significant date - to fifty years anniversary of model. On a main square in Turin some thousand owners old « prepared; five-hundred parts ».

the holiday Culmination came in the late evening on quay where the most part of inhabitants of Turin and set of the tourists prepared, arrived to look at show. Under bewitching representation on water and improbable beauty the salute which has transformed night in day, appeared it - new « the five-100-th »!

Italians How much think much of the legendary car and its present successor, it is possible to judge not only on grandiose show, but also on with what responsibility they approached to quality of new model. It is possible to be convinced of it, got acquainted with car is closer.

appearance of the beginner is stylised under the first Fiat 500. In front of them it is possible even to confuse. The same innocent look of small round headlights. And there, where we got used to see falshradiatornuju a lattice, the badge with two chromeplated moldings on each side flaunts. Behind to confuse it already it is more difficult - modern optics, chubby arches of wheels, the stylish chromeplated branch pipe of an exhaust system.

is not present, though it and is soaked by spirit still that « the five-100-th » it is absolutely new and modern car. It grew up in sizes to meet the requirements of a class and to norms of safety.

Fiat 500 has capacious interior with good ergonomics. To conveniently not only front passengers, but also those who appears behind. However, together there will be most comfortable. About what unambiguously hint separate (50 on 50) a rear sofa and only two headrests. Each of passengers of a place suffices both in feet, and in shoulders, and over a head.

front seats possess not the best form. The roundish pillow with the big popliteal platen can lead to that feet start to become numb. Therefore it is necessary to look for a convenient pose during some period of time, conjuring resettings, the blessing they have a sufficient range. And here lateral support above any praises, in turning movements on a seat does not stir.

the metre panel not ideal from the point of view of convenience of reading of the information, but bribes originality. It is executed in the form of one big dial similar to the Soviet alarm clock. On a circuit the small arrow specifying speed moves, hardly more low the same small arrow measures engine turns. The centre of this speedometer-tachometre crowns the on-board computer screen. The central tunnel is similar that it is possible to see in Fiat Croma or Linea. Convenient keys with intuitively clear steering.

used materials in an inner trim pleasantly surprise even fault-finding buyers. With the first the sight is involved with the wide varnished insert on a front panel. The fabric and a skin of an upholstery of seats are pleasant to the touch. It is necessary to make a reservation at once that on a choice the set of combinations on colour scale is given. It is possible to assemble literally on rags the Fiat 500 from within. Afflicted only plastic of furnish of doors: rough and firm, it is ideally suited for cleaning, but from the aesthetic point of view

Fiat 500 Is got by a usual key developing in a charm. Its registration is so various, as well as an inner trim. The key case can be monophonic - red, dark blue, green or to have a colouring under Italian or finishing checkered flags.

under Fiat 500 cowl it is possible to hear rumbling of three engines - two petrol volumes 1,2 both 1,4 l and one diesel - 1,3 l which to us will not be delivered. Most likely, the first on the Russian market gets stosilnyj the 1,4-litre motor. It is capable to disperse Fiat 500 to 100 km/h for 10,5 with. Very quite good result, considering that the novelty corresponds to norms of toxicity Euro 5. But for tolerable dynamics it is necessary to twist constantly the motor to 4500-5000 rpm. It considerably affects acoustic comfort in interior though the in itself noise isolation is good. To superfluous sounds from street access is closed.

roadability of a novelty at comprehensible level. Lists, of course, are, but the short base and an advanced suspender from Fiat Panda allow quickly and to trace and supervise behaviour of the car accurately.

Fiat 500 novelty is penetrated by spirit of that epoch, thus the car absolutely modern. Considering unique style « the five-100-th » it can be put on one step with Mini Cooper. Thus Fiat 500 have one conclusive advantage - availability. In Europe the price for it begins from ?10 000, and in Russia is planned that the range of the prices for it will vary from $15 000 to $20 000, depending on a complete set.

On taste and colour

Fiat 500 has improbable quantity of combinations of external shape. In its arsenal a rich ruler of colours - from severe black to pleasant nacreous. It is possible to pick up to colour of a body and a certain shade an inner trim. Besides it on a price of additional services it is possible to reserve drawing on the car of drawing in the form of various strips.


« Cinquecento, cinquecento, cinquecento » - it was heard from everywhere. The mysterious word, pleasant to hearing, means not that other, as 500, but in Italian. Such name was fixed to the car on equal terms with figures all over the world. « CHinkvechento » became one of the most popular cars. It managed not the most simple post-war time. Its mission consisted in making the car accessible. And it was possible to it! Fiat 500 began to force out quickly a principal view of transport of that time - mopeds. Engineers had been developed the elementary design, easy, practical. Compactness of the car allowed to be parked literally on any free pjatachke. Fiat 500 presented to millions owners feeling of freedom, conveyance freedom. We will hope, the beginner becomes the worthy continuer « sorts ».

the Advanced suspender of Fiat Panda provided Fiat 500 quite good roadability. Only even the most powerful motor 1.4 hardly copes with norms Euro 5.

Inside all as stylishly, as well as outside. The big dial of the united speedometer and a tachometre draw attention.

Fiat 500 - the high-grade 4-seater car.

Already in Fiat 500 basic set it is equipped by two face-to-face airbags and system ABS+EBD.

the Price
is not defined.