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the Director of hydrometeorological centre of the Russian Federation: in all it is necessary to search positive

for the snowfall which has Fallen upon capital region has been in advance predicted by experts of Federal Agency in hydrometeorology and environment monitoring, has declared " News " the director of hydrometeorological centre of Russia Roman Vilfand. Under its data, snow has brought a cyclone formed " from two depressions: one has come W severo - the West, another - W jugo - the east ".

Similar " a roundabout of cyclones " also has caused the powerful snow charge which has fallen upon the Moscow region. It became the reason of the wind reaching 20 - 25 metres per second, blizzards. " cyclones of such capacity meet, but is rare, - has noted Vilfand. - But to predict such phenomenon does not mean to prevent it, here we while are powerless " - the expert has underlined.

The Height of a snow pall in capital region reaches 21 - 22 centimetres, it is a record for the given day, the director of hydrometeorological centre continued. Within the next few days intensity of snow will decrease, in its some days at all will not be, but the temperature will go down: at night B4 a minus of 15 degrees, in the afternoon - B4 5 - 10 degrees of a frost. Seldom, according to Vilfanda, snow in our region " it is established " at once, as it has occurred now. " And on a broader scale - that in all it is necessary to search for the positive: skiers will be happy " - he has added.

Vilfand has warned that in the near future dangerous weather conditions can develop in Southern federal district. In areas of the Black and Azov seas blizzards are possible, sticking of snow to wires and etc. In connection with cyclone moving on the east it is necessary to expect 2 powerful snowfalls in Privolzhsky and Uralsk federal districts.