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Az - Zarkavi is wounded and there is in a province Kirkuk

the Head of grouping " Al - Kaida " in Iraq Abu Musab az - Zarkavi is wounded and there is in territory of a province Kirkuk (230 kilometres to the north of Bagdad).

the Iraq newspaper has informed On it on Monday referring to a source in province police administration " At - Taahi ".

According to a source, local residents have casually identified the terrorist number one, operating in Iraq which was in an ambulance car going from the city of Kirkuk in a southern direction.

as consider in local police, az - Zarkavi which have RCVed, most likely, wound during violent fighting in the Ale - Falludzhe, is now on treatment in the hospital located in a place of Tozhormato in 75 kilometres from Kirkuk.

according to the newspaper, in favour of such version SPK the recent statement of the commander of the Fourth tank division of the USA deployed in territory of a province. According to the American military man, az - Zarkavi is in the area surrounded with the Iraq armies, and the question on its capture in the near future can be solved.