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Fiat 8V Zagato. Under sauce Zagato

Fiat 8V Zagato. Year of manufacture: 1955. The price now: $500 000.

Fiat 8V (or OttoVu) it has been made only 114 copies. This car is exclusive by definition, but logo Zagato does its even more valuable. For the uninitiated: such Fiat costs now nearby $300 000, and the body from studio Zagato increases car cost almost twice!

In 1952 kuzovnoe the studio from Milan prepared Fiat 8V for the racer of command Scuderia Ambrosiana of Ovidio Kapelli. To reduce weight and to improve aerodynamics of the car, the master from Zagato decided not to paint an aluminium body, having limited to its careful polishing. After completion the car on 100 kg became easier than serial Fiat 8V, therefore it is no wonder that it easily overtook contenders from a factory command of Fiat. Kapelli inspired by successes, won the championship of Italy in a class 2?литровых GT, Elio Zagato, wishing to participate in races, convinced the father Hugo to exhaust in 1954 the limited party of such cars. The idea paid off, as Elio won often, and the car actively was on sale by a principle « on Saturday race - on Monday sale ».

Studio Zagato constructed 27 cars on the basis of Fiat 8V: 26 in body Berlinetta and one Spider. The red car which you see on a photo, OttoVu 65, unique exhausted Fiat 8V with the right wheel in body Zagato. This car has been restored in 80?е years and got by a family of Zagato. Now son Elio Zagato, Andrea, acts on it in races of retrocars Mille Miglia. Silvery OttoVu 109 - one of five cars of version Elaborata. It has been got in a standard body, and in 1956?м it altered to version Elaborata in studio Zagato.

Among these cars you allocate at once the red. Not because of colour that is why that it looks much more fresh though both cars have been registered for the first time in 1955 ideally processed body of the red car looks tightened and well balanced. Zagato « cut off » about 10 sm of a standard body to make it more low. It had even to alter air intakes that they corresponded to the general appearance of the car. Version Elaborata narjadnee, than usual Fiat 8V, but, in comparison with red car, only on 50 % Zagato. A part kuzovnyh details, such, as doors or side panels, same, as at Fiat 8V. However at this Zagato completely altered a front part of the car, leaving from serial Fiat only two big headlights, replaced a glass cover (putting an integral windshield) and depressed a roof line.

inside « present » Zagato it is equipped by an original metre panel while Elaborata has the standard panel of devices of Fiat 8V. Sports kovsheobraznye seats with cuts for ventilation have good lateral support. Landing of the driver very low - such sensation that you sit directly on a floor, thus knees appear approximately at level of shoulders. The car does not have compulsory ventilation, therefore heat, gasoline and oil evaporations are sharply felt in interior.

two-litre engine V8 is got with a gnash. The motor sound is more similar to a roar of two 4?цилиндровых motors, than on habitual low roar 8?цилиндрового. The engine gives out only 115 h.p., but thanks to small weight the car quickly enough moves. However, the motor does not love high turns: on 6000 it starts to whistle and cough so loudly that this sound still for a long time you hear and after you will blank off the engine.

Fiat Independent suspension 8V was considered rather advanced for the time. She allows the car der-press perfectly well road, though on « to a washing board » the body starts to be shaken unpleasantly. The car behaves better on equal and direct roads where it is possible to steer it literally one finger. Turning movements prohodjatsja with surprising accuracy, however, to fill the car in a bend, it is necessary to have the trained bicepses.

Fiat company surrendered, ceasing to exhaust model 8V all how masters undertook it from Zagato. This car had every chance to appear in a museum and to be the stamp known only to few tempted admirers, however to it carried. In studio Zagato to it there was a wonderful transformation: the car became easier, more beautiful, faster and more prestigiously so, Fiat 8V Zagato it is perfect obosnovanno costs more expensively original Fiat 8V.

Spoiled « sauce »

it is fine, when the studio is not afraid of risky experiments. However in a case from studio Zagato of such unsuccessful experiments was not less, than successful works. In 50?е years of the last century this company was the recognised manufacturer of easy cars with excellent the then aerodynamics, such, for example, as Abarth or Maserati A6G - these cars remarkably looked and won races. But then there was Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato Е It is car very expensive and esteemed by collectors, but it is uglier, than a small fish guppi. Was also fragile, but promising Lancia Fulvia Sport. In the seventies steel cars Zagato klinoobraznymi and « smoothed »: Ferrari 3Z and a cabriolet 330, and also Triumph TR7. In the eightieth firm created Nissan Autech Stelvio which did not have something in common with beauty of the name, and the same ugly Aston Martin Vantage Zagato. So proceeds to this day. Magnificent Raptor on the basis of Lambordghini it is replaced « any » Aston Martin DB7. At last, there was Ferrari 575 GTZ. On its creation of present designers of firm inspired magnificent Ferrari 250 GTZ, created Zagato in 60?е. However its fanned wheel arches call me associations with the squirrel who rejoices to approach of winter Е