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Against German tourists, " disappeared " in Algeria, criminal case

Against five German tourists, " will be brought; disappeared " in Algeria, criminal case will be brought.

as they say in the statement of the Algerian Ministry of Internal Affairs extended on Monday by local mass-media, five citizens of Germany - three men and two women have illegally driven in the Algerian province of Tamanrasset (the south of Sahara) on two jeeps from Tunis on Thursday, on November, 18th.

the local guide employed by them has declared to the authorities that while it settled administrative questions, tourists have disappeared.

after the searches undertaken by police and employees of security service of a province, on the night of Sunday they have been found in 95 kilometres from Janet`s city in the national archaeological reserve Tassili well-known for rock paintings of the Stone Age.

in the statement it is underlined that at " tourists " Have found out stolen by them in reserve archaeological curiosities which they intended to take out an illicit way from the country.

against Germans criminal case under three articles - illegal entrance to Algeria, infringement of rules of movement of foreign tourists and theft of subjects representing archaeological value will be brought, it is marked in the statement of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Algeria.