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Disputes round Arafat`s medical file proceed

Yasser Arafat Suha Arafat`s Widow objects to that the copy of the medical file of its late husband was RCVed by its nephew Naser al - Kidva, has informed on Monday Qatar satellite TV channel " Al - Dzhazira ".

At the same time representatives Suhi Arafat have refused to inform, a leah they in an official order intend to protest prospective transfer of a copy of the medical file of the Palestinian leader to its nephew.

Al - Kidva on Sunday has arrived to Paris on the instructions of the Palestinian management to RCV in military hospital Persi where Arafat, a copy of its medical file on November, 11th has died. On the eve of its arrival the official representative of the Minister of Defence of France has declared that in case of reception of official RQ from nephew Arafat of the file to it will be given on the same conditions and the bases, as in a case W Dry Arafat which has already RCVed the medical file of the husband on Friday then has hastily taken off from France for Tunis.

disputes round Arafat`s medical file are called by that the authorities of France have not published data on the diagnosis and causes of death of the Palestinian leader as under the French legislation it can be made only with the consent of relatives of the dead.

as Suha Arafat, apparently, does not hurry to publish the data from RCVed by it the file, the Palestinian management has decided to create the special commission 4 investigation of circumstances and Arafat`s causes of death and has directed its nephew to Paris 4 reception of a copy of the medical file.