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Zamgossekretarja of the USA John Bolton will arrive to Moscow 4 discussion of questions of strategic stability

the Assistant to the US state secretary John Bolton on Monday evening will arrive to Moscow 4 discussion of questions of strategic stability. As it became known " News " from diplomatic sources in Moscow its negotiations are planned for Tuesday W zametitelem the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Gergiem Mamedov.

predictably, at negotiations the Russian side will bring up a question on intention of the USA to save " returnable potential " during the planned process of radical reductions of strategic offensive arms/ SNV/. According to Moscow, at signing of the new legally obliging document on reduction SNV it is necessary to avoid a situation at which reductions would be carried out at the expense of decrease in battle readiness, warehousing of warheads and refusal of liquidation of carriers. Therefore Russia insists on that these questions have been settled in the document, to sign which is planned already during visit laying ahead in this year to Moscow US president George Bush.

at negotiations in Washington 29 - on January, 30th the Russian side has passed the American colleagues the project Russian - the American Contract on radical reduction SNV and the project of the declaration on new strategic mutual relations between Russia and the USA.

in documents the emphasis becomes on liquidation maintenance, instead of warehousings as carriers, and nuclear boezarjadov. Then the American side took this question " in study " also promised to answer in the near future.