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Fiat Linea. There was a hatchback, there was a sedan

Fiat Linea. The price: it is not defined. On sale: January, 2008

In the beginning of next year in our country start to sell the sedan of Fiat Linea concerning the S-class. In some countries of Europe the car already arrived in showrooms. But the Russian buyers should wait for the beginning of assembly of the Italian in Naberezhnye Chelny.

the debut of model of Fiat Linea passed silently and imperceptibly as though Italians were afraid of a malefice. For the first time a novelty which did not call a special agiotage, noticed last November on the Istanbul showroom. Many visitors of an exhibition decided that see not the serial car, and the visitor from the far future, differently the concept car. Even on the threshold of the European start the information on the car filtered extremely poorly.

the same Istanbul where, as a matter of fact, and the sedan is made became a venue of the first test drive all. It speaks about importance of the Turkish market for the Italian manufacturer. There Fiat has traditionally strong positions, battling to the French concern of Renault. Receptions which both companies use, are very similar. We tell, Renault Symbol created on the basis of hatchback Clio, exhaust also in Turkey. And some years ago this model exhausted in Moscow on « avtoframose ». Now on a similar way there are Fiats and « Severstal-car ».

Fiat Linea Sedan is made on the basis of hatchback Grande Punto, with which at a novelty weight of similar design decisions: strongly tilted windshield, a short and sloping cowl, small triangular windows on the front doors, the extended body style.

in comparison with Grande Punto, a sedan wheelbase increased by 93 mm. Dimensions changed also. The length increased to 4560 mm (+530 mm), width - to 1730 mm (+43 mm).

If outside the difference in dimensions is visible with open years in interior of it almost you do not notice. Here with relative comfort it is possible to take place four together, and if necessary and five together. Especially not enough place is allocated to rear passengers in feet. There is a question: where got to half-metre of an increase of length? The answer is covered under a boot lid which volume makes 500 l. And it at the spread out seats. Combining them we increase useful volume to 870 l. Rather quite good result for the S-class sedan.

to find a convenient pose at the wheel it is possible. The range of resettings suffices. Here only the armrest between seats seemed to the inconvenient. If against it to lean to switch drives begins inconveniently. There are two modes of countersteering. The first: not to use at all an armrest, hoisting it in vertical position. The second: to try to change hand anatomy. The steering wheel cross-section too calls censures. Available « inflow » in zones of the professional successful fellow appeared too big. And it would be desirable to displace a hand aside. The inconvenient wheel got in the inheritance from Grande Punto. And here similar with « the parent » the central extension housing is very logical and pleasant in steering. Buttons of steering ESP, a luggage compartment, the alarm signalling from above settled down. Hardly more low - modern audiosystem Blaupunkt, under it - climate control handles.

a new metre panel not bleshchet expressiveness. Dials strongly blikujut, therefore the information is read out hardly. But the volume of the given data pleasantly surprises. The liquid crystal display on the centre displays not only the onboard information on run, fuel and temperature, but also carries out communication with world around by means of the software. With assistance of corporation Microsoft the car is equipped by system Blue &Me. Now all information from phone, such as SMS or number determinant, is broadcast on the on-board computer screen. And in a glovebox there is an USB-port to which it is possible to connect the external carrier of music.

a ruler of motors with which Linea it is completed in Europe while it is limited by three engines: in two volume 1,4 l (one of them is equipped by the turbine) and a diesel engine of 1,3 l. In our country, most likely, will exhaust only a turbomachine. Later there will be motors of 1,6 and 1,8 l.

the small volume in 1,4 l quite suffices. Thanks to the turbine engine power makes 120 h.p. at 5000 mines-1. And the twisting moment in 206 Nanometers is accessible at 2500 mines-1. Such indicators at weight of the car of 1160 kg allow to achieve tolerable dynamic characteristics. Dispersal to hundred occupies 9 seconds. The first and second drives are made short that allows to win svetofornye starts. However, the gear box does not differ accurate inclusions.

shortage of volume becomes appreciable on high speeds. As the Italian engineers assure, Linea is capable to be dispersed to 200 km/h. In practice for this purpose it is necessary to work hard. After 110 km/h responses to a pedal cease to be sharp. Pleases that fact, what even on the maximum turns the motor does not bother with noise. But the tyre covers calling acoustic discomfort become a tar drop.

the steering possesses quite good informativnostju. It did not begin to do too easy that provided normal feedback. The special attention is deserved by a brake. It is possible to dose out slowdown accurately.

Fiat Linea suspender is adjusted on vfrcbvfkmysq comfort. Passengers are not disturbed by excessive jolting and noise at overcoming of roughnesses.

unfortunately, there is no information on the Russian prices. In Turkey for a diesel variant ask $20 thousand. For the petrol version in Romania take $16 thousand. We would accept golden mean.

you Give the Russian assembly

In spite of the fact that in Europe sales of the Italian novelty of Fiat Linea already started, the Russian buyers should wait. Representatives of the stamp in Russia of Open Society « Severstal-car » promise what to get Linea it will be possible in the beginning of 2008. The delay is called by start of assembly of the given car on ZMA in Naberezhnye Chelny.

installation of the modern monorail conveyor which promises to become one of the advanced in Europe, should end by August, 2007. The first on it start full-scale assembly become already popular among domestic buyers of Fiat Albea. While assembly is carried out it krupnouzlovaja. In January of the next year it joins Linea.

Manufacture of Fiat Albea and Linea on ZMA assumes a full cycle of works, including welding of a body and its colouring.

Start of the given manufacture allows to offer Fiat Linea on maximum to reasonable prices. But while the Russian representatives of Fiat are not ready to name exact figures.


Turbomotor of 1,4 l is quite good­. The informative wheel, a comfortable suspender and effective brakes give the chance to spend time pleasantly at the wheel Linea.


the Interior is similar to an interior of the close relative of Fiat Grande Punto.


With increase in dimensions of a place inside became not much more.


Besides traditional airbags, optsionalno auxiliary systems, such, as ESP, ASR, Hill Holder are accessible.

the Price

is not defined.

Merits and demerits

the Comfortable suspender, quite good roadability, good brakes.

cheap plastic of furnish, close interior.

our opinion

In showrooms of Fiat novelty Linea appears only in January, 2008 the Delay ­ is called by start of full-scale assembly of these cars on ZMA (Naberezhnye Chelny). As representatives of the stamp assure, it allows ­ to offer Linea at rather attractive price. If so keep­, competitors!