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Fiat Panda 4x4. The Italian bear cub

Fiat Panda 4x4. The price: 515 000 rbl. On sale: since February, 2007

Fiat Returning goes to Russia at full speed. In a short space of time in interiors there was all lineup, including tempting Panda 4x4. As well as the Chinese bear, the Italian novelty it appeared kind and fluffy.

often happens that the name precisely reflects character and appearance. Fiat Panda very much reminds a lovely Chinese bear cub. In appearance that is clumsy and kosolap, with the naive eyes looking directly in a soul to visitors of a zoo. Eyes-headlights « Fiat » too seem kind and naive. The body does not differ in the big sizes. The length makes 3574 mm. Thus the width (1605 mm) is almost equal to height (1590 mm). Partly it is connected with the increased ground clearance which in an all-wheel drive variant grew on 10 mm (to 160 mm). On front and rear bumpers there is an imitation of protection in the form of a huge plastic insert of black colour, as at the present off-road cars.

yellow colour has not only a body, but also various inserts in interior, for example in an upholstery of seats and on doors. It is necessary to recognise the decision nice, bright, but absolutely impractical: inserts are quickly spoilt. Interior configuration reminds mini-venovskuju. On the centre the massive central extension housing on which the gear box lever settled down is established. In immediate proximity there are buttons of steering of window regulators and a climate. The built in audio-system with possibility of reading MP3 crowns a design. However, the handle should be twisted a bone thunder - literally nails: it is sick it small.

the metre panel not seems original. At the left arranged a speedometer, on the right - a tachometre. In the centre there are fuel and temperature gauges. Large numbering promotes good reading of indications. In an arsenal « a bear cub » there is an on-board computer. It displays not only current indications of the odometer and fuel consumption, but also the onboard information. For example, the name of lost radio station and street temperature, and also warns about ice.

the range of options of front seats quite suffices, that with relative comfort the person of almost any growth settled down. Landing high that favorably affected visibility. Critics of a rear-view mirror who though have the electric drive deserve, but practically are not regulated. And to make out in them something it is difficult because of the tiny sizes.

Accustomed in front, we get over back. Three together here it is close. Despite vertical landing, places over a head suffice with interest. But the road suitcase should be held in a lap. Spaces in the narrow luggage compartment which volume of 200 l, suffices on pair packages from shop.

at all simplicity the kid possesses comprehensible playfulness. Presence of an all wheel drive and short first two drives gives priority before neighbours in a stream on start from a traffic light. It shocks many. But far to leave it does not turn out. The motor in volume of 1,2 l is capable to disperse Fiat Panda to 100 km/h only for 20 with. Not to be backed out from a stream, it is necessary constantly « to twist » the motor. It is untwisted to 6000 mines-1, but at approach to the maximum speed in 145 km/h turns are typed much more slowly.

on high speeds Panda it is obedient executes wheel commands. It is possible to recognise lists comprehensible. All cardinally changes at more intensive maneuvering. Even on small speed one of the unloaded rear wheels strives to come off road.

all wheel drive presence could not remain without attention. Therefore we decided to arrange the present off-road tests. Fears to get stuck in deep snow quickly were dissipated. Small weight in 980 kg, an all wheel drive and a short wheelbase work wonders. Panda with ease overcomes obstacles, it is literally jumping from a hummock on a hummock.

afflicts fuel consumption to 12 l in the commixed cycle. Thus the size of a fuel tank makes only 30 l. Despite the low-power engine to call in at the gas station it is necessary more often.

and in wood, and in the field

System AWD automatically distinguishes features of a road carpet and connects an all wheel drive. There is it at the expense of the analysis of speed of rotation of wheels. At proskalzyvanii lobbies rear wheels are connected. The all wheel drive becomes more active with the help viskomufty and two differentials. If necessary it is possible to engage compulsorily AWD the button on a metre panel. But at boundary overcoming in 30 km/h the system is automatically disconnected.


Panda obediently reacts to wheel commands. But at sharp maneuvering lists become critical.


the Interior is perfectly assembled from sound materials. But it is necessary to recognise some decisions disputable. For example, bright, but strongly spoilt upholstery of interior. Or absence of heating up of seats and mirrors.


Each of passengers can settle down only with relative comfort. The luggage compartment thus practically is absent. Probably, the part of products from shop should be placed in interior.


In « to base » there are two airbags and belts for all passengers.

the price

Panda traditionally has correct admirers. However for start in our country it is necessary to recognise the car price overestimated.

merits and demerits

+ the Compact, brisk, attractive car possessing an all wheel drive and the big road gleam.

- Inflated price, the big lists at sharp maneuvering.

our opinion

Panda makes pleasant impression simple-minded, but expressive appearance. It is convenient in steering, but on road the machine for some reason do not notice. Probably, small dimensions affect. To name Panda a high-grade off-road car language does not turn. More likely it for confident driving, afflicts only the price which sets thinking seriously before purchase.