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Fiat Uno. Uno? Momento!

Fiat Uno. On sale: since 2011

In Brazil debuted new generation of Fiat Uno. In Russia this not ­ expensive midget car is expected by next year

New Uno, sproekti ­ rovannyj in the Center of style of Fiat specially for the countries of Latin America, in hierarchy of the company costs on a step above tiny Fiat Panda. This hetch ­ bek on 230 mm is longer, than Panda, on 76 mm is wider (on as much more than its interaxle distance) and on 8 mm above. Thus, despite the big dimensions, Uno only on half-centner it is heavier, than Panda.

the novelty Luggage compartment contains 290 litres, and at the combined seats of the second row this indicator increases to 690 litres. The car is offered in four complete sets different not only a set of options (base equipment anyway very poor), but also materials of furnish and external registration. The most curious version hetchbeka — Uno Way which thanks to a weather-cloth from nekrashenogo the plasticity and to the road gleam increased to 190 mm is similar to a small crossover.



Under a midget car cowl — new motors of family Fire Evo in volume of 1,0 and 1,4 litres (73 and 84 h.p.), working both on gasoline, and on ethyl spirit (in Brazil this kind of fuel is very popular). And working on spirit, the car shows the best dynamics, than on gasoline, allowing to reduce acceleration time a little.