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Ford Escape. Golden mean

Ford Escape. The price: from 845   500 rbl. On sale: since summer of 2008

All flows also all changes. Ford lineup left Maverick, on change to which the new model &mdash came; Escape. It is the compact off-road car approaching both for a city, and for sorties on fishing. We check up the debutant on Dmitrovsky autoproving ground


the Test pilot

Maxim Egors, 23 years, the automobile journalist, the experience of driving of 5 years, the privately owned vehicle - Mitsubishi Lancer

Compact Maverick, on change to which came Ford Escape, until recently was one of the most popular off-road cars of the stamp. However, basically, in the USA where it really long time did not get out of tops of sales. In Russia as, however, and in Europe in whole, affairs were not so raduzhno. But thus the car « knew » And the model name associated not only with the hero of a cult film about experts of flight school Top Gun.

But time flies, and with it, as usual, also interest to the car gradually dies away. The most simple and, accordingly, widespread means of increase of interest to the car is restyling. But sometimes there are cardinal metamorphoses. Model positioning remains former, but all changes the rest, up to the name. It also happens with Maverick. Falling of demand for it forced the company to make another if it is possible so to say, the car. After all, as a matter of fact, an off-road car simply updated and renamed.

so, Ford Escape — the family car with all that it implies. The basic buyers of model — people at conscious age of 35?45 years for which bright appearance of the car is not priority. Therefore the design of an off-road car is as much as possible constrained and simple. An exterior not bleshchet bright details. Strict forms of a classical body the versatile person — slightly tilted windscreen pillar and vertical rear — are verified by years. Unless the stylish plastic weather-cloth on a circle is a little backed out from the general outline, yes chrome the wide radiator enclosure which has been stretched from left to the right headlight is invocatory gleams. Regular light at Escape galogennyj, but it, alas, shines not in the best way.

in interior all is as much as possible simple, but is quite worthy: inexpensive, practical plastic, « greyish » velour. That can not be pleasant, so it is firm blue illumination of a metre panel. In the dark it it is strong « zamylivaet » an eye that complicates information reading. For steering of a climate in interior three adjusters on the central extension housing answer. But with them not so simply to understand because of non-standard algorithm of inclusion. Zero position, mode Off, is in the middle, instead of sideways as it happens often. It is possible to get used to everything, but to recognise the given decision convenient it does not turn out in any way.

the important factor for the family car is the open space in interior. At first sight, here it is not a lot of place. Such impression is created because of a high floor: the road gleam makes 21 see But thus spaces in interior nevertheless enough. The extensive range of resettings and a high ceiling allow to take seat at the wheel even to the person of basketball growth. Behind it will not be close three together, inconvenience can deliver only almost vertical divannaja a back. As to a luggage compartment at length of the car of 4,5 m for luggage the sufficient volume is allocated. For loading of dimensional things it is necessary to hoist an easy fifth door, and the trifle can be thrown through separately opening rear screen.

not in the last instance the family car choose from safety and behaviour reasons on doroe. With the first parametre everything is all right. In the car face-to-face and lateral airbags, system of stabilisation ESP are established prednatjazhiteli belts. And here dynamics and roadability, frankly speaking, at the average level: any bright victories, as, however, and defeats. To drive on Escape it does not turn out, all is adjusted on measured driving.

the petrol motor in volume of 2,3 l gives out 145 l. With. At 6000 mines-1. It is a lot of, but dispersal to 100 km/h thus occupies 12,1 with. One of the reasons of such slowness is the out-of-date four-stage automatic machine. He not quickly adapts for style of driving. To accelerate this process, it is possible to pass in a mode without the fourth drive, but this operation especially does not influence dynamics of dispersal. The maximum speed of 161 km/h is reached on the third drive. At switching on the fourth turns decrease to 4000 mines-1, and speed gradually decreases to 155 km/h. It is possible to name this mode economic, route.

the Steering informative you will not name. The wheel easy, but rescues it korotkohodnost: from a thrust block against the stop only 2,9 turns. At sharp sign-variable loadings productivity of the hydraulic booster falls, because of what the wheel starts to grow heavy, but not « has a snack ».

As to manoeuvrability, in front and behind at Ford Escape a multilever suspender. In front McPherson with antiroll bars, behind — with double cross-section and longitudinal levers. As a result the suspender turned out as much as possible comfortable and elastic. She swallows any roughnesses, without bothering even with noise. The big ground clearance and the high centre of gravity became the reason of modest indicators on a slalom and rerates. After occupancy of the car to a fully loaded mass these figures decreased for 2-3 km/h. Thereby Escape once again proved that it is intended for measured and comfortable driving, but in any way for races.

the car shows stably good results in the test for braking. Ford Escape became worthy continuation Maverick. It is simple, reliable and comfortable.

all family

Ford Escape does not apply for leadership among the competitors in a class. This product is directed exclusively on a certain segment of buyers. Age of target audience — 35?45 years. It is a family which loves productive leisure, and also country departures, for example on a summer residence, on small river, walks on bicycles. Getting Ford Escape, the person makes a rational choice, analysing the automobile market of this class. An exclusive practicality. The given car provides owners with spacious interior with quite good transformation. The engine though and not new, but moderately the economic. Appearance is neutral, quiet. These are one of the main requirements to the family car. Comfort and a practicality above all. Therefore Ford Escape already in a basic set offers rather wide set of options. It is a little complete sets, only two, different only presence of the hatch, the rear parking gauge and climate control instead of the usual air conditioner.

it is favourite — Ground clearance Escape is not favourite

allows to go on impassability, but some suspension arms are located very low. all is important

interior Ergonomics not bleshchet design, classically, but it is convenient and is practical. It concerns both controls, and various boksov. it is convenient


the Expert

Edward Shivorshinov, 36 years, the engineer-verifier, the experience of driving of 14 years, goes on MB G300 TD and V220 CDi

the Car not bleshchet novelty. All units — the motor, transmission, an all wheel drive are known for a long time. It is possible to name their become outdated, from here and not so high dynamic indicators. But as the family car for successful men this model perfectly approaches.

our estimation

Ford Escape is aimed at certain age group. They are people family, 35?45 years old, — those to whom it is necessary comfortable, spacious, moderately passable car without sports ambitions. Ford Escape — excellent continuation Maverick.

the Body

+ classical design
- inconvenient exterior mirrors


Rideable comfort

+ spacious interior and a luggage compartment
- a high floor


the Power unit

+ comprehensible fuel consumption
- low power

Running properties

+ a comfortable, elastic suspender
- lists