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Ford Fiesta. World War II

Ford Fiesta. The price: from 389   000 rbl. On sale: since November, 2008

A year or two from now new Fiesta should win the markets of five continents and to become the biggest project « the Blue oval » since legendary Ford Model T. The beginning of world expansion of this model is already necessary: since autumn the novelty can be bought in all European countries, including Russia

the Test pilot

Maxim Fedorov, 30 years, the automobile journalist, experience of driving of 5 years, the privately owned vehicle of Ford Focus II

As a rule, have serial cars a little the general with the futuristic prototypes assembling crowds of gapers on autoshow. Being frightened of own boldness, motor-car manufacturers refuse many interesting design decisions, and as a result on the way on the conveyor kontsept turns to the depersonalized product deprived bright ideas. In this plan new Fiesta became an exception. It looks in the same way, as its prototype — Ford Verve for the first time shown to public in the autumn of last year. Unique difference of serial model from kontsepta — a cross bar in a radiator enclosure on which the number board takes place. And all! By the way, probably that versions for the market of the USA where it is possible to go without front number, lose this cross bar, becoming exact copy Verve.

In interior Fiesta also a minimum of differences from kontsepta. The unusual configuration of buttons on the central extension housing with a navigating key, as at a mobile phone was saved even. Steering of an audiosystem with the help « mobile » the interface intuitively clearly also does not demand accustoming. The same it is possible to tell about options of system of the climate control which control panel is made by analogy with … adjusters of a hydromassage shower booth. But here to what it is difficult to get used, so it to an arrangement of buttons of window regulators of the front doors: to reach them, the hand should be turned out that; during movement to do extremely inconveniently. And more one puncture of developers constantly reminding of on twisting roads of Tuscany where took place test drive Fiesta, — absence of the ceiling handle of the front passenger.

if not these annoying defects, interershchikam Ford it would be possible to give the firm an excellent: the novelty surpasses any schoolmate in quality of furnish and open space of interior. The top part of a front panel is covered by expensive soft plastic which colour is combined with colour of decorative inserts on doors and seats (all it is offered 11 colour combinations and variants of furnish of an interior). At the expense of more rational configuration in interior became more empty seat. So, on a stock of space for feet of front passengers the novelty is the leader in the class. The luggage compartment also became more capacious. Thus on a parking new Fiesta its predecessor takes practically as much places, how much, after all the sizes of a body increased slightly, and the weight of the car even decreased — on the average on 40 kg.

for the test cars with motors in volume of 1,6 litres &mdash have been offered us; petrol capacity of 120 h.p. and a 90-strong turbodiesel which will be presented and in the Russian market. Before diesel « Fiestas » in our country officially were not delivered, therefore first of all I sat down for a wheel of such version — also was not disappointed. The unit created in partnership with mechanics from concern PSA of Peugeot of Citroen, having a wide experience of working out of engines with ignition from compression, showed all better qualities of modern turbodiesels: excellent pull-rod, elasticity, low fuel consumption and low noise level. Despite the solid superiority in capacity, petrol « Fiesta » seemed to less temperamental, and also, strangely enough, more noisy — that at dynamical driving the motor should to a bowl be untwisted to high turns, while a turbodiesel « tore » with most « bottoms ».

On road performance the novelty does not concede « to Focus » though the suspender at it is easier: instead of rear multilevers semiindependent torsionnaja the design here is used. Just the same scheme is realised in model of the previous generation, and this similarity is not casual. Founders of a novelty did not begin to develop a platform « from zero » modernising the existing chassis, in particular increasing diameter of the front stabilizer, establishing the new rear beam which has become on third is more rigid, and also using other springs, absorbers and sajlent-blocks. At the expense of wider application of high-strength steels body stiffness on twisting increased on 10 % that also improved roadability. But the most important thing, in new model was possible to achieve excellent work of the electrobooster of the wheel for the first time used on the European models of Ford. Steering Fiesta provides good feedback and a road-holding ability with adequate change of effort depending on speed. Well and on a parking the wheel becomes « weightless » — to rotate it it is possible literally one finger.

the prices and complete sets

the Most accessible Fiesta Ambiente is equipped with the motor 1.25 (82 h.p.), and in the list of the standard equipment it has only booster of a wheel and two airbags. The following step — complete set Trend, different an inner trim, and also presence of regular front window regulators and the central lock. The motor also one — 1.4 (96 h.p.) Which can go together with 4?ступенчатым the automatic machine (surcharge — 30 thousand rbl.) . Version Ghia serially completed with the air conditioner, the on-board computer, fog lights and a leather wheel, is equipped with motors 1.4 and 1.6, and complete set Titanium having the same set of the base equipment, as Ghia, but different an inner trim, it is possible to reserve also with a 1,6-litre turbodiesel. Version Sport with the big rear spoiler, krupnojacheistoj a radiator enclosure, aerodynamic mouldings on bumpers, ABS, lateral and knee airbags, heating up of seats and a sports suspender is offered only with the petrol motor 1.6 and only in a 3-door variant. In other versions surcharge for 5-dvernyj the body makes 10 thousand rbl.

Thanks to successful options elek ­ trousilitelja a wheel the car is perfectly steered and possesses a good road-holding ability.;
the interior
On quality of inner trim Fiesta sets the fashion in the class. The futuristic design of buttons on the central extension housing does not go to a sectional view with their functionality. A tar spoon — small miscalculations in ergonomics.
the Noise isolation of new model — on an order it is better, than at the predecessor. The list of options is expanded: there was a radio tape recorder with USB, the button of start of the motor and system of access without keys.
By car working out requirements of new norms Euro NCAP were considered. Passengers are protected strong « a safety cage ». The airbag for knees of the driver is provided.
the price
the Novelty became much more expensive, overtaking at the price Vsevolozhsk Ford Focus.

Merits and demerits

+ Excellent road performance, high level of comfort, is a diesel engine for Russia.
- the High price, miscalculations in ergonomics, modest equipment of versions Ambiente and Trend.

Technical characteristics

Mark and model - Ford Fiesta 1.6 Ti-VCT (TDCi)
Dimensions - 3950х1722х1481 mm
the Engine - 1596 (1560) sm3, 120 (90) l.s./6000 (4000) mines-1
Transmission - mechanical, 5-step;
Dynamics - max 193 (175) km/h, 9,9 (11,9) with to 100 km/h
Competitors - Mazda2, Opel Corsa, Peugeot 207, Seat Ibiza.

Our opinion

New Fiesta becomes an excellent choice for those to whom the compact car with the perfected roadability, high level of comfort and safety, and also stylish design and the wide list of options is necessary. But if you were not adjusted on midget car purchase, for the same money can take Ford Focus ro