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Ford Focus RS. Rallijnye roots

Ford Focus RS. On sale: from the beginning of 2009

On London the motor-show premiere Focus RS of the second generation made on motives rallijnoj of model

of Any tuning company, undertaking alteration « took place; Focus » it was not possible to achieve the same results, as to founders new Focus RS! The huge front air intake, ventilating cuts on a cowl, the aerodynamic choke tube under a rear bumper, the big rear wing and the expanded wheel arches are executed in the spirit of rallijnogo « Focus ». Under a cowl — forced 2,5?литровый the motor from Focus ST. At the expense of completion of a head of the cylinder block, installation of new camshafts and an intake manifold, and also increase in pressure of forced aspiration, it moshch ­ nost increased with 225 to 300 h.p. Refused idea of use of all-wheel drive transmission, designers made changes to a front suspension (in particular, it is reduced the steering offset) that allowed to minimise effect « power podrulivanija » characteristic for powerful front-wheel cars.