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" Gazpromavia " will help families of victims on Altai W funeral

Novosibirsk, 13 janv - News. Airline " Gazpromavia " will help families of the lost crewmen at helicopter wreck on Altai W the organisation of funeral, and also will pay matelnuju indemnification, the representative of airline in Tomsk where helicopter pilots have been employed has informed News on Tuesday.

Earlier it was informed that families of inhabitants of Republic Altai, victims at helicopter wreck " Gazpromavia " on January, 9th, will RCV matelnuju the help from the government of republic at a rate of 150 thousand roubles.

Vertolet Mi - 171 (updating of Mi - 8) the companies " Gazpromavia " on January, 9th was wrecked, making flight on a route Biisk - Chemal - Kosh - Agachsky area. Onboard there were eight passengers and three crewmen. Seven persons, including, the plenipotentiary of the president of the Russian Federation in the lower chamber of parliament Alexander Kosopkin were lost.

Victims commander Mi - 171 Alexey Banjadin and flight mechanic Alexander Vertej will be buried in Novosibirsk where live their families.

" Gazpromavia " will pay all expenses connected with funeral, including delivery of bodies and burial procedure " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

Besides, as he said, to the suffered employee and families of two victims it will be rendered matelnaja the help " according to the collective agreement which provides different situations ".

matelnoj indemnification the representative of airline has not specified the Sum, having told only that " the size of the help different ".

By this time bodies of victims are delivered in Is mountain - Altajsk and Moscow.

Victims are in hospital of Barnaul. Among the survived: The vice-president of the government of republic, the plenipotentiary of region in Moscow Anatoly Bannyh, the second pilot Maxim Kolbin, a member of incorporated advisory council of committee of the State Duma on economic policy and business Nikolay Kapranov and businessman Boris Belinsky.

Upon helicopter wreck criminal case under article 263 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (infringement of safety rules of movement and operation of air transport) which provides the maximum term of punishment in the form of imprisonment for the term up to seven years is brought.

According to survived, at the helicopter the engine has refused. The consequence preliminary considers three versions: adverse weather conditions, malfunction of technics, and also an error of pilots.