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South Korea wants to agree from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea about purchase of nuclear cores

Moscow, 13 janv - News. For the first time after coming to power in the beginning of last year the conservative government of South Korea directs on January, 15th to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea official delegation which should agree about sale to Seoul unfinished cores of a nuclear reactor, have informed on Tuesday South Korean mass-media.

These negotiations are spent within the limits of deducing out of operation nuclear objects of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, co-ordinated in 2007 at six-sided negotiations in Beijing W participation besides two Korean states of Russia, the USA, China and Japan.

According to TV channel Si - Bi - Es, will go this time to Pyongyang at the head of group of six persons the assistant to the chief negotiator of South Korea in " to the six " Hvan Chun Guk.

" This visit will allow to study the technical and economic parties of a question on how to be W not used cores of a nuclear reactor which are available in Northern Korea " - quotes TV channel a press - release of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Republic Korea foreign trade.

According to the authorities in Seoul, the North Korea has executed eight of 11 points of the obligations on deducing out of operation a nuclear reactor in Jonbyone (in 100 km 2 the north from Pyongyang) W which help weapon plutonium has been RCVed. It has been used 4 creation of the nuclear device which has been blown up by Democratic People`s Republic of Korea during underground tests in October, 2006.

As marks Si - Bi - Es, Pyongyang needed to take fuel cores from the reactor, to destroy means of their transportation and to decide, what to do with cores further.

last year Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has declared 14 thousand not used cores, and from eight thousand which are in the stopped reactor are taken 5,5 thousand taking into account that in day is taken on 15 pieces, informs TV channel. The Leah

Relations of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and Republic Korea have been actually frozen after the introduction into a post in February, 2008 of the South Korean president Maine of the Tank which has put widespread cooperation W Pyongyang in dependence on the decision of a nuclear problem on the Korean peninsula.