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Passengers the third days cannot take off from Krasnoyarsk for Norilsk

Krasnoyarsk, 14 janv - News. Passengers of three flights the third days cannot take off from the Krasnoyarsk airport " Emeljanovo " to Norilsk from - for a strong blizzard and a snowfall, has informed on Wednesday of News a press - the secretary of the Krasnoyarsk airport Irina Lakusta.

" About 350 passengers of three flights could not take off since Monday from Krasnoyarsk for Norilsk from - for bad weather conditions. The airport " Alykel " works on actual weather from - for a strong blizzard and a snowfall " - Lakusta has told.

As she said, preliminary, all three flights should take off for Norilsk this morning, since 8. 00 (4. 00 Moscow time). However weather conditions have not allowed to send planes 2 destination.

" Weather forecasters give unfavourable forecasts, it is not known when flight weather will be established. Now in Norilsk B4 a minus of 32 degrees, strengthening of a wind B4 27 metres per second. All passengers are placed in hostels of a city and provided by necessary hot meals. At the airport anybody from passengers of the detained flights is not present " - has added Lakusta.

According to the Norilsk airport, from - for blizzards and a strong snowfall in Norilsk departures of two flights are detained.