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Berni Ecclestone has refused rent of the Istanbul autodrome

Ankara, 15 janv - News. the Owner of the commercial rights " Formulas - 1 " Berni Ecclestone has directed administrations of the Istanbul autodrome " Istanbulpark " the statement in which refuses its further rent, informs on Thursday the Turkish newspaper " Milliet ".

the Edition results Ecclestone`s statement that the agreement on rent of the Istanbul autodrome is " the worst " which he when - or signed.

" Istanbulpark " which company Istanbul Yatirim A owns. S. (FIYAS), has been passed in rent to Ecclestone till July, 1st, 2021. The corresponding agreement has been signed in 2007 in connection with losses which were born by organizers " Gran - at Turkey " from race carrying out. The sum of rent of the Istanbul autodrome of year makes 3 million dollars plus the value-added tax.

the Istanbul autodrome which has managed to Turks in $230 million, is constructed under the project of German architect Herman Tilke. The racing line in length of 5,3 km and 12,5 - 21,5 m totals width 13 bends (six right, seven left). Length direct start/ finish - 655,5 metres. The maximum speed on a line can make 320,5 kilometres per hour.

" Istanbulpark " it is located in the Asian part of Istanbul at airport Sabiha Gekchen.