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Demand on REPO from the Central Bank at morning auction has exceeded a limit on 32 %

Moscow, 15 janv - News. Against currency gamble demand on REPO from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation at morning auction direct one-day REPO on Thursday has exceeded a limit (250 billion roubles) in 1,3 times, having made 330 billion roubles, the volume of transactions in comparison with Wednesday has increased by 14,3 % - 248 billion roubles, the data of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation bears.

the Average rate has made 9,25 % against 9,24 % annual at the previous morning auction. The minimum interest rate established by the Central Bank on operations direct one-day REPO makes 9,0 % annual.

Experts notice that the great demand on short-term refinancing in the Central Bank is saved all the week long and connected with scale currency gamble against almost daily easing of rouble 2 bivaljutnoj to a basket (on 6 % from the beginning of working week).

Additional influence on demand on rouble liquidity on Thursday was rendered by unified social tax payments. " the key factor are currency gamble, and unified social tax payments have given only additional support to demand " - has told analyst IK " the Three Dialogue " Olga Veselov.

REPO - transaction on the stock exchange on sale of securities W the obligation of their return repayment through certain term at new, higher course. In transactions direct REPO against the Central Bank as the buyer of bonds by the first part and the seller by the second part of transactions REPO the Bank of Russia acts.