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EU urges not to politize Russian - the Ukrainian gas conflict

Moscow, 15 janv - News. the European Union urges not to politize Russian - the Ukrainian gas conflict, and as soon as possible to solve a problem as the situation is unacceptable for the European consumers of gas, the head of representation of Eurocommission (EK) in Moscow Mark Franko has declared.

" There is a danger of politicisation of the gas conflict, but the last that it is necessary to do - to politize a situation. The decision of technical questions " is necessary; - he has told to journalists on Thursday.

It has reminded words of head EK of Jose Manuelja Barroso which has declared unacceptability of the arisen situation. " we have two partners, and they should solve the problem " - has quoted Ex Barroso`s statement.

" At political level we cannot be judges, it is necessary to solve technical questions, and we can call once again only as soon as possible to reach decisions. Monitoring is conducted, but as it has appeared, it is not enough of it " - the European diplomat has told.

Thus it has expressed confidence of possibility to find the decision of an existing problem.

the Ambassador of Czechia presiding in EU in Russia Miroslav Kostelka on same the press - conferences has expressed opinion that a situation in Russian - the Ukrainian gas conflict " has moved on technical aspect of a problem " that puts a basis 4 settlement.

" Observers of EU work on places, focus has moved on technical aspect, and it has put a basis 4 the further solution of a problem " - Kostelka has told.

" Gas should arrive, without putting a serious damage to image of Russia and Ukraine " - has noted Kostelka.