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Lauruses: a question on repeated elections politicians of Ukraine

should solve the Question of carrying out of repeated elections in Ukraine should solve Ukrainian politicians, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has declared.

" it is more visible to the Ukrainian politicians. If they on a basis the Constitutions come 2 any decision is there will be their choice. We will hope that it will help to discharge a situation " - the minister has told, answering a question " News ".

According to the minister, Russia from the very beginning SPK that the decision Ukrainians, on the basis of the laws should accept, Constitutions, in conformity W the provided procedures and " this position of Russia is immutable ".

Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has declared that Russia " has paid attention that approximately the same words some western representatives began to SPK after in Severodonetsk the MTG of heads jugo - east regions of Ukraine " has taken place;.

" In the West there and then began to call for observance of the Constitution and the Ukrainian laws, but the same representatives of the western countries kept silence, when all prior days from opposition there was one infringement of laws and the Constitution of Ukraine behind another " - has told Lauruses.

the minister has expressed satisfaction that " the West now calls for that the Ukrainian people itself on the basis of the Constitution defined ways of development and an exit from a present situation ".

answering a question on influence on a situation of statements of the third countries, Sergey Lavrov has told: " It is necessary to talk not only about statements as representatives of many countries have gathered in Kiev and EVN participated in meetings, occupied one of the parties in this situation ".