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the Ukrainian parliament is blocked by opposition

At session of the Ukrainian parliament on Wednesday there is no quorum - half of hall is empty. At session there are only deputies W the orange tags established near ANY1 panel 4 voting.

fractions of communists and socialists with its full complement have not come, a leah on which position depends the decision of supporters Victor Yushchenko or Victor Yanukovych will be accepted.

for lack of quorum deputies exchange political remarks near a microphone, disclose the reference which any deputy or group of deputies direct to various authorities, will read to the message of support from members of parliament of other countries and EVN read verses.

holding a meeting on the area on - former stand a dense ring.

the speaker of the Supreme Rada Vladimir Litvin was converted 2 organizers of protests W the request not to interfere with pass of deputies to a parliament hall.

" Give the chance to pass to deputies and to begin session " - Litvin in a microphone has told. Translation is deduced from a boardroom on the area B4 a parliament building where the crowd holding a meeting has gathered.

supporters of the candidate in Victor Yushchenko`s presidents have organised blockade round a building of parliament and adjoining 2 it to park.

swinging the orange flags, gathered scan: " the Government-! ".

the Small area B4 parliament is fenced by metal partitions, but representatives of militia there it is not visible. Columns of participants of blockade are built by a chain of thickset men in a camouflage W an orange recognition symbol on a sleeve.

" we - group of national self-defence. We will protect these people " - one of representatives of group has declared.

leaders of the Ukrainian opposition named the Supreme Rada a strategic point, declaring full mobilisation and having called all supporters here.

The Parliament on Wednesday was going to consider the problem on threat of split of Ukraine in connection with offers of creation of an autonomy on jugo - the country east.

the third day of session of the Sovereign court has meanwhile begun, and holding a meeting B4 the central input of its building is not present.