Rus News Journal

Planes of the Air Forces of Israel have struck blows to objects of the Palestinian safety force, police and inhabited quarters in the cities of Ramallahe and Rafahe

/. The aircraft of Israel spends bombardment of office buildings where police administration premises in Ramallahe/ the West Bank of Jordan/ and offices of guards of Yasser Arafat " are located; W - 17 " in Rafahe/ Gaza Strip/.

to Buildings it is put big matelnyj a damage, is infomatsija ABT three wounded civilians in Rafahe.

On entered " News " to the data, the Palestinian leader continues to remain in one of the governmental buildings of the residence in Ramallahe.

As has informed the Egyptian news agency of Maine, these blows are the answer to acts of terrorism against the israelites, made on Monday insurgents " Brigades of martyrs of Al - Aksy " - the armed wing of organisation FATH, rukovodimoj the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

The day before late at night the prime minister - the minister of Israel Ariel Sharon has held session on safety issues on which new methods and ways of struggle against terror in the light of escalation of violence against the Israeli population last days have been discussed.

at meeting there was a Minister of Defence, the chief of the Joint Staff, the head of service of the general investigation, the higher army ranks.