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Since February, 20th Argentineans should get visas to get to the USA

Since February, 20th embassy of the USA in Argentina will begin toughening of visa control 4 citizens of this South American republic. On Argentineans the right of free entrance to the USA will not extend more, the correspondent " passes; News ".

Officially introduction of visa control it will be declared on Tuesday. After that W/ O the visa in the USA some time there can be the citizens of Argentina who has left native land B4 an official statement.

since 1996 Argentina, as well as 29 more countries among which - Uruguay, Belgium, Italy and Portugal, were included into the program " the Visa of Uejver progrem ". 4 entrance on territory of the USA it was necessary for citizens of the states-participants of the program to show the passport only.

at Argentineans such system used considerable popularity though allowed to remain in the USA of only 90 days. Only to Miami annually came more than 70 tys the Argentina tourists.

however economic crisis has called many inhabitants of Argentina desire to remain on " to the earth zvezdno - a striped flag " illegally. Aregentinu 2 used as " a reloading point " on a way 2 " to freedom country " illegal immigrants from other countries. Under false documents the considerable number of the Asian narcobusinessmen continues to get into the USA from Argentina.

according to the ambassador of the USA in Argentina James Uolsha, visa control will allow to avoid this situation. Presumably, the new visa will manage to Argentineans in 45 dollars.