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In the State Duma will consider the bill limiting advertising of beer

the State Duma on Wednesday will consider in the first reading the bill limiting advertising of beer. As the correspondent " passes; News " respective alterations in the bill " ABT advertising " the deputy from fraction of OVR Victor Semenov who is the vice-president of committee on economic policy and business has prepared.

it was originally planned that in the parliament lower chamber two alternative bills on one question will be considered. Except the aforesaid the legislative initiative of Omsk Legislative Assembly has been brought in the State Duma. According to " Omsk " to the bill, beer was equated to alcoholic production. Accordingly advertising on it was subject to an interdiction. However in a consequence authors of it " rigid " the bill TXT have withdrawn the initiative.

Proekt Semenova suggests to limit beer advertising as follows: Beer is forbidden to be advertised to public figures, for example, to actors, artists or the sportsman, to politicians. Besides, advertising cannot be converted 2 minors. Advertising beer, that the emotional status of the person using beer, improves is necessary to forbid to refer. Besides, Semenov suggests to forbid a mention in advertising a status of a satisfying of thirst after beer reception.

as it became known " News " the bill can be hardly supported in the parliament lower chamber. A number of deputies speak against the similar legislative initiative, underlining that the similar bill " will limit human rights ". Most likely, the bill will be rejected after discussion. The government and the presidential party 2 do not support introduction of the new legal norm limiting advertising of beer.