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In the State Duma the bill of obligatory insurance of a civil liability of automobile owners

In the State Duma on Wednesday at plenary session will be considered the bill will be considered in the second reading, obliging to insure a civil liability of owners of vehicles.

as the correspondent " passes; News " this bill has been brought in the parliament lower chamber by committee of the State Duma on the credit organisations and the financial markets which is headed by Alexander Shokhin.

the bill has been accepted in the first reading by spring of last year. After that 2 it numerous amendments have arrived.

as the head of committee of the credit organisations has declared, the bill has been prepared " with a view of protection of the rights of victims on compensation of the harm caused to their life, health or the property put in a situation dorozhno - transport incident ".

According to the bill prepared for the second reading, ANY1 owner of a vehicle, first of all the car, is obliged to conclude the contract with the insurance company on compensation of the damage put in a case dorozhno - transport incident.

so, according to the presented bill, the insurance sum in which limits, at approach of ANY1 insured event, the insurer is obliged to compensate suffered the done harm is defined. This sum makes 400 tys roubles. The sum includes indemnification for compensation of the harm caused to several victims - 240 tys roubles. In a case if harm has been caused one victim, the insurance sum will make no more than 160 tys roubles. As to indemnification of property to which harm if the damage has been put several victims has been done, the compensatory sum will make 160 tys roubles, if to one victim - no more than 120 tys roubles.

All means intended for financing of compensatory payments to victims, according to the bill, will accumulate in the guaranteed fund.

in a situation when has occurred dorozhno - transport incident, and the owner of transport has not insured a civil liability, the damage will be compensated according to the civil legislation of Russia.

in the bill sanctions for absence of the insurance 2 are provided.